Saturday, December 10, 2005

We got mail!

Received our first official mail today related to our China adoption!

I mailed our I-600A to the immigration office and they sent me back an envelope....The only thing in it was a cash register like receipt. The US immigration office - and they send a cash register type receipt to tell you they got your application and payment. You would think it would be a more official receipt or something. LOL Anyway - I was so excited when I saw that envelope in the mail. I really feel like we are on our way!

Now we just have to wait for the immigration office (USCIS) to schedule us an appointment for fingerprinting for our FBI background checks. When that is complete - we will wait for our I-171H to send with our dossier documents (which are pretty much completed) to the international agency (IFS) for translation into Chinese and to be sent to CCAA (the Chinese Adoption Authority).

After that comes the wait. . . Currently it is taking about 8 months from the time your dossier is logged in to the CCAA until you are matched with a child, but that timeline changes all the time.

How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shelby said...

Hey Sara! That's good news! I looked at those adoption videos on that site. They were all so cute!! That would be cool if you guys could do a video like that, it probably wouldn't be that hard to edit if you did it yourself! Keep in touch, talk to you later:)