Monday, January 09, 2006


OK....Some how the name poll got deleted off this site. So I am editing this post to reveal the results after about a week. Luckily, I copied the results before I left work today and emailed them to a friend. Here are the results:

Name PollWhat should we name our daughter?

Maia Mei (my-uh may) Mei=beautiful 41% (57 votes)
Tiana Mei (tee-ON-uh may) Tian = heaven 18% (25 votes)
Alaia Mei (uh-LIE-uh may) 12.2% (17 votes)
Meili An (may-lee on) Meili=lovely, An=peace 9.4% (13 votes)
LiNa Mae (lee-nah may) LiNa= beautiful grace 7.2% (10 votes)
Jiana Mei (jee-ON-uh may) Jian= to choose; select; pick out 5% (7 votes)
Liana Mei (lee-ON-uh may) Lian= self-respect, honor 5% (7 votes)
Meili Jun (may-lee June) Jun=truth 1.4% (2 votes)
Kim Chong Su (I have no idea.......) 0.7% (1 vote)
JiLi Mei (jee-lee may) JiLi= one's own strength 0% (0 votes)
total votes: 139


Journey to Mia Lin said...


I laugh so hard every time I read Kim Chong Su in this list......
I really hope no one chooses this name!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I didn't realize that the Kim Chong Su was an inside joke until I read the first comment. I had asked my husband who is Chinese about the meaning of the name. FWIW, Kim (Gold - usually it's a last name); Chong (become); Su (beautiful/gracious girl). It wasn't my favorite anyway :)!

I really love Liana Mei. If we have a daughter, I want to use a combination of our mothers' names (mine is Ann and his is Yili) such as Anali. I think it's beautiful to use a Chinese name for your little girl. Congrats to you and DH!!!!

LinaKat from FF