Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pics to Share

Pictures of the nursery all decorated. Now we just need some more furniture in there and a few more things to hang on the walls!

The first 2 dresses I bought for our daughter. She is going to be so darn cute in them.. Of course they are red silk.

Of course since we have bulldogs, I had to buy this ladybug bulldog!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh My gosh - how adorable - HOw can you wait and not sit in the room just staring at the wall paper! any little girl would love it!

Karen said...

SOoooooo Cute!!! I love the bulldog!!! Where did you find it?

Journey to Mia Lin said...

Found him at Pet-co...Isn't he cute? He is from the Zelda's Wisdom line.

Stephe said...

I am in love with that red dress & Coat!!!


Lisa and Tate said...

OH my----
Another great Blog to watch!!!! What can I say but I am blown away by your NURSERY!!!!!!! I think we might be DTC/LID at same time.... Cool beyond words!!!!


Sandy said...

Love the nursery and the colors! So precious just waiting for your little girl!

Dee said...

Gotta love Zelda, don't ya? I have the same ladybug bulldog in our nursery!