Monday, January 23, 2006

Q & A Session

We had a Q & A session over dinner Saturday with a friend of mine and her husband. They adopted in 2003 and we got to see their beautiful little china doll. I have included a picture of her with her face covered in chocolate frosting :) What a cutie!

We wish to thank them for inviting us into their home, answering all of our many questions and sharing their journey with us.

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Pitypat said...

I'm an FF lurker who is adopting - i LOVE that you are adopting from China (we are domestic) but i have a facination with the stories from other countries and especially love the story of the red gives a beautful illistration....
I looked up the words for red thread in other languages thinking about names - here's what i found...
Italian- Rosso Filamento
French - Rouge Enfilent
Polish - Rudy Nitka
German - Rot Faden (lol)
Spanish - Rojo Hilo
Portugese - Vermelho Linha
Latin- red:puniceus (rufus, rutilus)
Thread: Neo (ligamen)
Philippine- Pula Hilo

Sorry - it got more intersting as i went on.....anyway - it would be nice to work something like that in but i laughed when i saw the German work for red - lol.