Monday, February 13, 2006

Embracing a Long Journey

So - I went to the Orthodontist the other day expecting him to tell me I only have on appointment left - which would be in April since that marks the 2 year anniversary of having my braces and he TOLD me it was a 2-year plan..... Yeah.... Right!....

Nope - He has about 4-5 more appointments planned for me.... We are talking August or so...... I guess that is his loss because my payments stop in April :) Of course, he was getting paid outrageously anyway, so even if it stretches out for 6 more months with no payments received, he is still getting paid more than me!

I sent out some quilt squares to my fellow bloggers. You can see them on the quilt page (link on the right).

I have been having a hard time uploading pictures to Blogger so I have had to upload them to and then link to the picture in my post. Has anyone else in blogger-land been having this problem? It is pretty annoying. It is like it just takes forever to upload the picture and then it comes up and says it is to tired, or too busy, or too lazy (or some pathetic excuse) to upload my picture for me at that time..... I really hope this isn't an issue when we get to China! (If we ever get to China)......

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jenn said...

Hi Sara,
I was so glad to read your post. I'm just about to get my braces on and thought I might be the only adult in the world (ok-at least in my neighborhood) doing the braces thing. My ortho promises 9 months-we shall see! I really don't want to be sporting a metal mouth when we meet our daughter. I imagine that I will look frightening enough to her without them! Good Luck! -Jenn

ps-love what you've done with your blog-can't get enough of those ladybugs!

Ava Baby said...

Have you tried using Hello to upload your photos? It's very simple to use and from what I've read, even in the areas in China where you can't view your blog, Hello still works to add photos and text. And, it's free.

Give it a try. Michele
LID 9/26 for Ava

Lori said...


I enjoy your blog.

It kind of sounds like your timeline for braces has been extended and is unsure-much like the referral timeline!!!

Sorry, I meant that to be funny. But now that I think about

Perrin said...

I love the way you have your blog roll organized! Some of these I read all the time and I often wonder just how close they are to referral. Thanks lots.

Valeri said...

I've had problems with gettings pictures on Blogger, too. Glad to know it's just not me. I love reading your Blog!