Monday, February 20, 2006

Random Thoughts on Rednecks and Tattoos

Brian and I went to eat Chinese today at a local Chinese restaurant. We went to the counter to pay and there was a totally ignorant guy standing in front of us paying. He made some comment such as "Thank you Chow" to one of the guys at the counter. And the guy and girl both looked at him like he was crazy. The village idiot laughed and said "I just thought that since you were Chinese your name must be Chow..." I about went psycho on him. What an idiot! It was my first glimpse of what we will have to deal with when we get our daughter home. The two at the counter didn't know what to say to him, although the girl did spout off something in Chinese to the guy, probably to the tune of "What a freaking idiot. Can you believe this guy? We should way over charge him... #$%&*# Redneck." He made some comment like, "Was I right?" and I said under my breath but loud enough for him to hear, "No just incredibly rude!" I know he heard me. But I didn't care, and Brian was telling me to shut up because he thought the guy would turn around and punch me or something..... How ignorant!

Next thought....My sister recently got a tattoo on her leg of a chinese character for "eternity". She sent me a picture and asked me if I could figure it out. The only thing I could find was "water" which is about the same character only it doesn't have one stroke at the top that "eternity" has. Anyway, I am happy to say that her tattoo actually does say "eternity" but I found this web site of other people who's tattoos do not really say what they think they do.... Pretty Hilarious! The one on the left says "Crazy Diarrhea" Too funny!
Here is the web site:

DISCLAIMER: (edited 2/21/06 by Sara) I felt like I needed to add this after reading my post. I just want everyone to know that I do not think tattoos are horrible, nor do I think that people should not get Chinese character tattoos. Just please make sure you know what you are getting tattooed on your body! I think my sister's tattoo is great!!! Love it! And I even have one myself. I have included a picture for those of you who have never had the pleasure of seeing it... But, in my defense, do you know how #$%&ing hard it is to take a picture of a tattoo that is on your back by yourself???? Pretty difficult! So that is why the picture is totally blurry! It is a frog crawling up my lower back. And I just have to say, I would be the next one in line to get a Chinese character tattoo (Probably the character for "destiny") but Brian would disown me if I did. I got this one before he and I were together so that is how I got away with that one......

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Jen said...

Sara - that Web site is great! I have heard about people getting duped on their "symbols" before (I hope someone is out there tattooing "Capitalist American Pig" onto drunk morons - like that redneck you ran into - who ask for "Asian Symbol" tattoos!), but had not seen that site :)