Monday, March 27, 2006

Well, I thought it was coming........

Ok, 20 days ago, I really did think my LID would be coming soon. so much for that. What the heck takes so long? Doesn't the CCAA know that there are people waiting over here and that they are making their future adoptive parents insane?!?! I know they are busy and, believe me, I would rather they focus on dealing out referrals than sending people letters telling them their LID, but I just want to know that they received our paperwork and that it is actually logged in. Is that too much to ask? I mean, for all I know our paperwork could have gotten lost. There are people who were DTC 1/13 who still don't have a LID. I would really be going crazy if I were them. It would be nice if we could just call the CCAA ourselves and say, "Hey, I was just wondering if you actually received our paperwork and could you tell us our LID????"

I have having a lot of fun with the Jan DTC and Feb DTC Secret Pal swaps. Each month there is a theme. This month was children's books, next month is April Showers Bring Mei Flowers. I have already bought the April gifts but we aren't supposed to send them out until close to the 20th of each month. It is killing me not to be able to send them out. I may send them early just because I really want to. It is so fun to get the packages every month!

I also just signed up for a postcard swap. You send out post cards from your state with some information about your state. Then when you get all the postcards from around the US and world, you can put them in a little album for your child. Fun!

I have all my quilt squares sent out for my quilt square swaps. It's so fun to get those in the mail too. Today I got 3 of them. I am up to 49 now! Half way!!!!! Still only have a couple from family and friends though. Most of them are other adoptive families. So if you are a family member or friend reading this and you haven't sent yours in yet - Get to it!!!!!!!!!

This is all keeping me plenty busy in the evenings and on the weekends! Not to mention that this is the busiest time of the year for special education in the schools, redoing each students paperwork (IEP) for the next school year. That keeps me busy through the weekdays. Luckily we get out of school May 19th. Then I have all summer to catch up since I work 12 months (minus my 15 day vacation). That is when I do all my filing that builds up all school year since I have no secretary!!! When there are no kids and teachers there I can get a lot more done!

Better get going. I haven't actually written anything for a while so I had a bunch to say!

Oh - it was so windy today I went out and flew a kite!!!! Haven't done that in years! it was so fun. The wind was blowing so hard that the kite string snapped and my kite went blowing across the field. Had to go trekking through the field to find it. Stomping through the mud because it has rained for the last couple days here. It was very fun though! I think I will do it again soon! What a great stress reliever!


Shannon S said...

Know what you mean about the IEP paperwork. I have gotten through about half of my 68 students! At least it is keeping my mind off the wait! Ok...not really, but I can pretend!

Lisa & Jeff said...

Still no LID for me yet either.
You have been waiting a bit longer since my DTC was 2/10. I just don't get why some families have their LID and they were DTC 2/17.
I'm REALLY trying to be patient but it's not easy.

Jenn said...

Hi Sara,

I could almost just cut and paste your post into my blog-even the part about the lack of family-contibuted quilt squares. Nice to know that we are all in this together!

Stephanie said...

Love the idea of flying the kite. Sometimes it is the most simple things that make us feel so good.

Rosie said...

I'm sure your LID will be here soon.I'm waiting for Panel this month-eek! I'm not sure what list I should be on as I'm the only British blogger about who is adopting from China.Would you doa special list for me-waiting for Panel?

Valeri said...

I used to do IEP's when I was the gifted teacher for my school district. What a chore they are to do! I don't miss doing them one bit. It's a shame how Special Education has turned into nothing but piles of paperwork!!!