Friday, March 03, 2006

What to watch?????

I hate Thursdays! Why did they decide to put American Idol and Survivor on at the SAME TIME??????


By the way - Wasn't this great???
How hilarious was it to see them
chucking those huge fish back and
forth and then chopping their
heads off??????


Susan said...

One word...TIVO! It has changed our lives ;)

Kim M. said...

Oh I LOVE Chris he rocks!!! Sorry I don't watch Survivor. Hey at least you really don't need to watch watch American Idol on Thursday.Just keep an eye on it between comercials. Anyway I love Chris!!!

John/Nancy/Stacey said...

We watched American Idol and were glad to see Brenna and Sway gone, and DVR'd Survivor and not too surprised that it was Bobby to go.
We love your blog and are very happy for you - can't wait for your new addition!!! We know the bullies will love having a little one around too.

Melissa said...

I LOVE Chris!!!!! By the way, if you would like to swap quilt squares drop me an e-mail with your info!

Lee-Anne said...

I'm a bit over the whole Survivor thing. At least with American Idol, the talent changes etc!!! Thank God for video/DVD recorders hey?!!!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

That my friend is why they invented TIVO !

LOL and you are riht, Chris IS awesome!


Valeri said...

I loooooove Chris, too! He is brilliant.