Monday, March 13, 2006

You wonder why I stress????

Why do I do this to myself ??? Here is a message thread from the January 2006 DTC Yahoo board. I finally had to quit reading this thread because I was going insane!!! Now you can go insane with me. :~) I color coded so you could keep up with the different posters.

I was told that another Swedish agency than mine has been informed by CCAA that the wait for referral will soon be 18 months. I have no idea what they mean by soon or what they expect to happen for us that have sent papers recently. This is not a rumor, apparently this is what CCAA has said. But why has this info not been passed on to other agencies? Or has it just not reached the lists yet? I find this incredible depressing and I really hope that we are not in for that kind of wait, or even longer... -Cecilia
Our agency is still sticking to the 8 to 10 month referral wait fromLID. Hope what you heard is wrong! -Cathy
Just curious what agency is saying 8 to 10 months? CCAI seems pretty set on 10 months. – Tricia
In the email we got announcing our LID, AWAA (America World AdoptionAgency) said 8-10 months with 3 months wait for SN kids. I suppose it will be what it will be! -Crista
AWAA is holding firm at 9-10 months with hopes of it going down. I justspoke with them about it on Thursday. They have received no word ofanything different. –Shelley
I also hope it is not true. There is no lack of orphans in China. The question is if China wants to raise the quota of kids adopted to foreign countries or not. As it is, the amount of applications far exceeds the quota, atleastthat was the case last year. Actually, I have heard that China now wants to extend the time of the wait so as to put some people off and decrease the amount of dossiers. But this is just a rumor. I believe that the big American agencies have some influence on the CCAA, so I am just hoping that someone will convince them that such a long wait is a bad idea forEveryone involved. –Cecilia
Hey, girls, at the end of the day - there are so many kids in China that need Mums/Dads/ families... kinda puts the wait in prespectivefor me. If people are backing out - what hope do the waiting kids have? (PS. my solution would be that CCAA employees more staff - heck there's billions living in China isn't there?!!!) -Lee-Anne
I find it interesting that they just moved into a newer, biggerfacility and were supposed to be hiring more staff so that they couldprocess better. What happened to that?? -Shelley I don't think they have moved yet. Jane Liedtke (of and CEO of Our Chinese Daughters Foundation, had lunch with the CCAA director just after Chinese New Yearand asked about the move. The director said it should happen inApril. She also says that with the way life often is in China, thingsdon't always happen when you expect them to. –Jenny
Well sadly this is a piece of information that was given by CCAA to the agency, which has forwarded it to their clients. So it is not a rumour. This agency never passes on anything but the information they are actually given. Maybe the CCAA will change their predictions, but under all circumstances it is probably a good thing if the agencies try to influence the CCAA so as not not to let the wait get too long, for all sorts of reasons. So therefore I amvery curious about the communications between American agencies and CCAA.This piece of info has really gotten me down, so I hope hat the CCAA will change this prediction. –Cecilia
Cecilia, I would love to check with my agency on this, but they don't entertain rumors unless we can tell them what agency so they can find out. What agency was this that received this information? –Shelley
My take on these rumors of wait times is that we are just hearing what "other" agengies have been told. I'm not too interested in what a Swedish agency is told about wait time. CCAA might have an issue with that agency or with the countries adoption policies. We don't really know. I'm going to base my expectations on what my agency (AWAA) says and hope and pray that is goes sooner or that somehow my daughter finds a way to us faster. –Laura
Are you sure they are speaking of referral times and not time of when you begin your paperwork until referral? –Katie
Katie, That was kind of my thought too. Some agencies/countries/etc...measure things differently and I was wondering if this was a total time frame not just LID to referral/travel time frame. Good thought there Katie!! –Shelley
I think they mean DTC to homecoming, or DTC to referral, not sure. Unless all agencies have gotten the same info, I do not believe this to be true. I do not think that CCAA has an issue with Sweden as someone suggested but who knows what official passed on the info and who received it, if you know what I mean. I remember that when the wait went up to 14 months last time, the CCAA had to speed things up because so many home studies became dated (or something like that) and the process became more difficult for them to handle. I doubt they want things to take longer than they are already. -cecilia
That is a good point about the homestudy and the fingerprints becoming outdated if the wait was that long. It is a very expensive process and to expect waiting parents to come up with more money to update is totally ridiculous and goes against the efficiency the China program is so well known for. I am going to check with my agency to see if they received this information from the CCAA. -Juliette


Joannah said...

Yes, I saw that website yesterday and it messed me up, too. I'm learning that some things are just unknown and uncertain. I had to ask myself if that changed my desire to move forward, and it really doesn't. It will just be disappointing and more expensive/complicated if it's true.

Lisa & Jeff said...

It was also on the Feb DTC Group.
I just refuse to listen to it!
Let's just all go back to our "happy place". :)

happy place=CCAA has reviewed all document's through July 31, 2005.