Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter...yay! (not)

This Easter pretty much SUCKS!

Our air conditioner got struck by lightning some time, not sure when, but it doesn't work! The insurance adjuster is taking his time coming to look at it. It has been anywhere from 87-90 the last 4 days. And yesterday it was humid! It didn't even get below 70 overnight last night so we couldn't even cool our house down at night last night. We have been living in our basement because our upstairs is so miserable. Our dogs are not used to stairs so for the first few times we had to carry them up and down the steps! bulldogs....65 pound bulldogs....

The couch downstairs is NOT I haven't been sleeping worth a darn... And on one trip down the stairs - because I was so tired from lack of sleep - I slipped and fell on my bum down about 6 steps. My whole body hurts from that one.

So today is Easter. And we can't even have an Easter dinner because our house is 81.1 degrees now inside and there is no way I am turning on the oven to bake a damn ham! Our family lives in Iowa so we are not having Easter brunch with family... We still have no word of our LID.

This Easter pretty much sucks!


Joannah said...

I'm sorry that today hasn't been the best for you. I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Be careful on those stairs! :-)

olmrsj said...

Hey, girl - Heat will come and go But Easter is a very Special day - Count your blessings that we have Easter and puppies to share it with in a basement!- and do away with the potty mouth before that little girl arrives! is it MEE AH or MY AH - I love it either way, just couldn't remember the chosen way. Couldn't pass up the hazzle either! Love you