Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I am sorry that the LID, or lack there of, has become an area of stress for you. The LID actually has very little meaning until you get very close to receiving your referral and can see your date included on the CCAA website. Your dossier was sent the last day of January so you can be assured to have an early February LID.
The CCAA says that dossiers are logged into their system within 10 days of arriving at their office. They start a list of families sent from a certain agency and send us a list of LIDs when they have a large number of families listed. It is not at all uncommon for us to go this long without receiving LIDs. There are some agencies that are larger than ours and receive their list faster, however, this has no bearing on the process of the documents. All documents are treated the same. Yours have certainly been logged in and are in the process of being translated.
Travel groups are set at the time referrals are sent. Some agencies group dossiers into travel groups themselves, however this requires holding completed dossiers until there are enough to make a group. We like to get the paperwork to China as soon as possible so that the family can receive their referral sooner.
I never mind receiving email from families. Hopefully, I will be able to send you your LID soon. Until then, try not to worry about it :) Let me know if you have any other questions.

All the Best,
International Family Services


Kim M. said...

I feel your pain. My agency won't even ask the CCAA for LIDs. So here I sit wondering what will happen when our referrals start finally coming in and I have now idea when my LID is. Pretty much sucks. But hey misery loves company.

Trixie said...

At least you know how it works and now so do we. No one shared this information with me either but it makes sense. I bet you will be pleased as punch when you find out how early you were LID. Hang on and don't give up hope. Loved the cupcakes too.

Shannon S said...

I don't know about that within 10 days comment...We've both seen longer LID waits on our Feb DTC group. Then again, my agency doesn't give an LID so I've just settled in for a looooong wait. Until they start the 2006 DTC's that is! Hang in there!

Lee-Anne said...

Our agency, said they didn't supply LIDs...then did?!!! Who can work them out? And to say that an LID is of little importance - Jaclyn, my love, every detail about the adoption is important!!!
So poo-poo to you!

Fingers crossed the LID comes real soon. - it does give peace of mind.

Valeri said...

Yes, our agency drives me nuts!!! I've e-mailed Jacyln so many times, too. She probably dreads seeing e-mails from me. I wonder if they're waiting longer for groups, does this mean we might travel together?????