Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I thought I had nothing to say!

Well, it has been a few days since my last post, but I really don't have much to say... just waiting...

Oh, I did go home this weekend to see my neice in her field day and t-ball game!!! (see pictures left- isn't she a cutie???)

And to take quilt squares to be pieced together!!! Here is a picture of the quilt top so far! (Just laid out on the floor) - Yes there are more than 100 pieces of fabric! I put all of our close family members on the top row (with the exception of the 2 red pieces which I used to make Brian and my fabric pieces stick out! The border will be a light pink fabric of some kind which I still have to pick out. The back is going to be a cream colored fabric with green shamrocks and red ladybugs on it. (Wanted to bring in Brian's Irish heritage).

I think it is just beautiful! I still have more fabric squares coming in so I am taking it upon myself to quilt a second quilt. (No I have never quilted. I tried a little 9 block quilt one time but I got bored with it and quit. I am going to stick with squares though - not any fancy pattern!) I think I will do a crib quilt. So all of you who are still sending me fabric - keep it coming! I am going to go crazy quilting! - Hey - if I really mess it up I could do a crazy quilt!!!! No one would know it was messed up!!!

Also when I was home this weekend - I got this from my mom (along with a big box of clothes. Mia has so many clothes I am never going to have to do the wash!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!)

She comes in the outfit on the left and then in her little backpack is her Chinese dress and a little pearl bracelet (or necklace- I couldn't figure it out. It was really too big for her wrist but it didn't seem big enough to get around her head to fit her neck...) She is just precious!!!!!!

I also got these this weekend! (all kinds of stuff - and I thought I didn't have anything to talk about today!) My dad and step-mom got us 2 of these very cute Fiestaware lady bug coffee mugs. They ordered the children's place set too but they sent them a letter saying that they never made that set and that it shouldn't have been put in the catalog. (so sad!) The mugs are so cute!!!

updated: May 23 @ 2:00 pm
CCAA UPDATE (stork alert):

The CCAA has updated their site and has finished placement of those families with LID through June 15!

Progress is good! Hope you all get your first pictures soon!!!!! Can't wait to see more beautiful faces coming home!


Alyson, Brett & Girls said...

May I just tell you how fun your Blog is??? You have made my day between your plethera of info, cute graphics, interesting insights and multiple giggles and grins. Thank you and Good Luck!


aunt jen said...

We did not know that you were coming home. We have a square piece of fabric for your quilt--it is red with frogs (could not find ladybugs)even though that it may be too late. I wanted to get with Quintin and write just the right thought on it

Lisa~~ said...

Your quilt looks great, can't wait to see it finished!

Joannah said...

I really like that doll! The dishes are cute, too!

Journey to Mia Lin said...

Aunt Jen and Uncle Kinky :)

It isn't too late!!!!! I have so many wishes that I am going to do 2 quilts!!!!

Stacy said...

Your quilt is Wonderful!! It is going to be such a treasure.

I love the ladybug mugs. Very cute.

Your blog is one of my favorite reads. It's great!


Glo said...

Maybe I could get instructions from someone who is doing theri quilts on how to make a really simple...you know very very easy...kind of quilt I really ned to learn how to do that but don't know where to start. I think the quilts you all help each other make while waiting on Chana adoptions are absolutely fantastic!!!!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Having tuns of fun lurking on your blog,, decided to finally say hello and that your quilt looks awsome.

Lee-Anne said...

LOVE your quilt!!! I took great joy in look at it, trying to find my squares (which I did!!!) AWESOME design, good luck with the sewing!
Love the Doll as well. So cute!