Friday, May 12, 2006

Moonbeam Girls...Growing Up Slide Show

Here is a slide show from the September 2002 DTC'ers. I got this link from Carrie's Blog (who got it from Donna's Blog)[Apparently the link was posted in a group to which I also belong - but I totally missed the post....I'm so observant!!!]. It shows pictures of the Sept. 2002 Group's children at referral and when they are older. It takes a minute to load but it is definitely worth it! (oh, yeah - you are going to need a tissue before you click on the link!)

Very touching! I - of course - cried through the whole thing. The music doesn't help! It just makes the tears fall faster.

I can't wait to see little Mia's face for the first time. What a magical moment that will be!!!

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PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Just want you to know I love your blog. How is your quilt comming along?