Friday, July 14, 2006

Picture Friday

Bye Bye Miss Libby Lu... We miss you! We sold Libby to a family here in town. She was with us for 4 years and was one of our babies. We miss her very much.....don't cry......This picture was taken right before her new family came to get her...sniffle....pout...I miss her so much...but I know she is in a loving home and she has a beautiful little 19 month old girl for her new best friend. *smile*

We still have Libby's sister and mommy that we would like to place in a loving home so if anyone out there is interested......

This is a HORRIBLE picture of me...but Miss Libby Lu looked so cute with her tongue hanging out I couldn't resist putting it up.

My Father-in-law's car for sale! Check it out!

My first attempt at quilt squares that weren't just squares sewn together. Then I attempted the Attic Window Quilt with Animal windows. Not sewn together and missing a few squares yet. The windows are just sitting next to each other on the floor. I need to put a sashing between them to make it look a little better. This is actually going to be a gift for someone....hmmmm.....don't you wonder who??????? :)

My secret passion....taking pictures of clouds. this is a picture of the clouds from my back yard.

Remember when you were little and you used to find animals and other pictures in the clouds??? I still do that! I love the clouds and the stars and the planets. Can't get enough of them.


Heather C. said...

I really love that snail fabric on your animal window quilt. Heck all your quilt squares look great. I don't have my sewing maching up in my new house yet so I am having sewing withdraw.

Ron said...

Photography is a passion of mine. I would love to see more of your photgraphy work. The pic is nice:)

April said...

You are really getting good at the quilting! I am still afraid to do anything but squares. Doesn't help that my machine in as old as me lol!(and apparently, that is pretty old!)

Sean is a photographer, too.