Thursday, July 06, 2006

Super Nanny Jo

I have decided to start preparing for being a mother (chills up spine).
A while back my mom gave me the Supernanny book from when she went to the Oprah show and they saw her. They got the book for free on the show and my mom gave it to me.

So I thought I would involve you all in my journey through the book!

Here is the first lesson. Jo-Jo's top 10 rules that sum up her approach to caring for children.

The best rewards are attention, praise and love. Sweets, treats and toys are not necessary as rewards. A star chart or a special outing can back up a pattern of good behavior.
Once you have made a rule, don't change it for the sake of a quiet life or because you're embarrassed. Make sure that everyone--which includes caregives and your partner--keeps to the same rules as well. A rule is a rule is a rule.
Keep your home in basic order and maintain a routine. Set times for waking, meals, bath and bed are the cornerstones of family life. Once a routine is in place, you can be a little flexible, if you're on vacation, for example. It's a framework, but it doesn't have to be rigid.
Children need to know there are limits to their behavior--which means what is acceptable and what is not. You need to set rules and tell them what you expect.
You can only keep the boundaries in place by discipline. This means firm and fair control. It may just take an authoritative voice and a warning to get the message across. Otherwise, there are other techniques you can use, none of which involve punishment.
There are 2 kinds of warning. One tells a child what's coming next--you're the Speaking Clock telling her that bathtime is coming up soon, or that you're getting near to putting her lunch on the table. The other is a warning for bad behavior. That gives her the chance to correct her behavior without any further discipline.
A small child can't understand ho9w you want him to behave unless you tell him. Show and tell to get the message across. Don't reason or make it too complicated--just state the obvious. When you are disciplining a child, explain why in a way that is appropriate for his age. Ask him if he understands the reason why he has been disciplined so that the message hits home.
Keep cool. You're the parent and you're in charge. Don't answer a tantrum by a display of anger or respond to shouting by shouting back. You're the adult here. Don't let them wind you up.
Childhood is all about growing up. Let them. Allow them to do small achievable things to boost their self-confidence and learn the necessary life and social skills. Get them involved in family life. But make sure your expectations are reasonable. Don't set them up for failure.
Quality time is important for everyone, including yourself. Let your child unwind at bedtime with a story and cuddles. Make sure you, your partner and your other children have quality time for individual attention.


Joannah said...

I LOVE this discipline style! Good choice.

I have the book, too. The Naughty Mat or Stool is a great idea. As a teacher, I can't resort to losing my temper or getting physical with my students when they misbehave, so I have to have systems in place that the children understand and I have to be consistent. I will be using this book to further educate myself as to how to discipline a toddler in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

She makes it look so easy. I love her!

Stephe said...

Great Post! I love her and I totally agree with her style. I find it so "easy" now (pre-child)...I hope it's that way with child!!

I think the only time I will probably bribe is when we are in public. I hope I can find another way though. Any tips on that one from Jo?

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

She is so cool, I have a teenager that would challenge her! HUMMMMM... I should e-mail her.....

Tracee said...

Does Jo have a child? I'm so tired...Honest to God...we try.

Kim :) said...

I want to be just like her... after raising three boys you would think I had "it" down to an art... ha!

Valeri said...

I'm gonna have to read this book!

Karen and Jon said...

Love watching her - didn't know she had a book. Going to add it to my Amazon wish list now. Of course, I am the only one who ever looks at my wish list, so I really should call it my shopping list!!