Friday, August 04, 2006

Crazy Dreams and Ladybug Sighting

Thought I needed to blog this in case I want to look back one day and see what happened on this date!

Last night while sleeping, I had two very vivid dreams about adoption. One was related to our failed domestic adoption last November. I had a dream that his mother gave him back to us. Just out of the blue. It was very sad.

The other one was just really wierd! I dreamed that we went to China to pick up Mia....only we didn't have any information about her before we went, no picture, no medical information, nothing. So we went there and they brought the baby in to us and it was a boy...with light brown hair and no almond shaped eyes! But, in my dream, we loved him just the same and didn't question that he wasn't Chinese!!! Then later in the dream we got his medical information and it said he was born in the US to American parents and they moved to China and decided to give him up for adoption. So we adopted a caucasian child from China!!!!! What is up with this dream???? It is just too wierd for words. Not to mention that it followed the first dream on the same night.

To make the day even more bizarre. This morning while going outside to water our little tree (so it doesn't die from the drought) I saw a ladybug on the curled up hose for about 1 second and then it disappeared. I couldn't find it anywhere!!!!!! And I know it didn't fly away!!!!!

Crazy day!

(I took the picture posted here.....for those of you who wanted to see more of my cloud pics!)


Kramer said...

I'm glad you posted about the dream. You just never know what your future holds. I always try to post about things like that so when we get Emma I can look back and see what we were doing.

Valeri said...

I have bizarre dreams ALL the time about Jensen, like him being a girl. Sometimes I dream that we go to China and they don't have any boys to give us and tell us to go home. Weird stuff. So you're not alone in your odd dreamworld!!!!