Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Family Portraits

I bought these dolls a long time ago. They really do look like Brian and I! Their names are Boomer and Ginger! Ha! Aren't they hilarious?!?!?!! So, I haven't posted any pics of "Boomer" on here. Now you know what he looks like!

Summer 2006---waiting, waiting, waiting... looking depressed....

Summer 2007--Yea!!! Mia is finally home! Aren't we CUTE as a family of THREE????? (Notice Boomer has his arm around Ginger...how sweet! Oh, and Mia is waving....HI MIA!!!!)

I can't wait!!!!!!


Heather C. said...

You just brought the biggest smile to my face. I've been sick for days but finally felt better and decided to check on all my friends. Can't wait to see the real Mia!!


Manette Stanley said...

Love the Family Photo!!! Especially little Mia! The pooches and Mom and Dad don't look too bad either!

Too cute...

Elise said...

Love the happy family picture!!! Can't wait til 2007 to see the real deal!;0)