Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7 months!

7 months down! Who knows how many more to go.

I got my braces off today! Whew! Slick toofers!!! But they did put this annoying permanent retainer on the inside of my bottom teeth. Geez. Really annoying. I keep flicking it with my tongue! It is a wire that is glued to the back of my 4 front teeth.

Got back to work today after my 2 day conference. Seems like all hell breaks loose regarding special education when I am gone! 2 referrals, someone parking their green van in the wrong spot and annoying everyone, another school going psycho requesting records be faxed to them IMMEDIATELY! (yeah - you'll get them in the snail-mail in a few days you psycho lady! Ever heard of the word "please"????), oh sorry - 3 REFERRALS, Core Data due to the state, two homebound instruction referrals, need to hire an aide but the aide has to have 60 college hours, MELL census is due, need to fax a student file to voc rehab, going through 72 emails (yes that is really how many there were!)..... Welcome to 2 days in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is much more pidley stuff that I did not list... I need a stinking secretary. And I am not lying about that!

Good grief. This permanent retainer on my teeth is going to driving me insane.

I am so nervous for my HAWKS on Saturday. They play Ohio State. oooooo.....scary! Just don't kill them pleeeeez.


Jonni said...


Congrats on your 7 month LIDiversary! That's so awesome. Hopefully not too much longer until you get your daughter! :)

Valeri said...

OMG! Sara, we are long lost sisters! I have a permanent brace like yours, too!

Happy 7 months!

Kathy and Joel said...


Ron said...

It doesn't look too good for the Hawkeyes, sorry! Be sure to check my football friday picks this week.

I had braces when I was in 5th grade, got them off at the end of 7th grade. Those were the worst 2 years of my life.

Kramer said...

Happy 7 month anniversary! Wishing for the months to fly by for all of us!

Kim said...

Happy 7 months!!!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Happy 7 Month LID-iversary!!!

Yeah for brace free teeth! I wear a retainer and you will get used to it shortly. Feels weird at first!

Sounds crazy at work 'cause there were words and terms in there that I have idea what they mean!!! LOL

Keep smilin!

Jenn said...

Congrats on hitting the 7 month mark and on the removal of the braces! I'm so jealous-my braces have been on for 6 months and I'm ready to get them off! When I got them on, I worried that I'd still have them by the time we went to China...not worrying about that so much anymore ;o(

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

I guess 7 isn't your lucky #
Slow down have a camomille tea!
Poor thing.

Lee-Anne said...

Cool! Off with the braces... oh crap, on with the retainer!

Well back to the land of the living, after you conference!!!

Oh yeah... and CONGRATULATIONS on hittin 7 months. Buckle up, reckon we'll have a while to go yet?!