Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blaaaaahhhhh!!!!! *cough*cough*

"Master should be resting, Master needs to keep up his strength."

This is how I feel. I feel like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings looks! I have been sick for a week now with this coughing hacking yucky crap. It is starting to get really old now.

Went to the doctor Friday and told her I had been taking Mucinex. She told me to double the amount of that I was taking (ok doc, that stuff ain't cheap!) and gave me some cough syrup (Histussin). The cough syrup says to take 2 tsp. every 4 hours. It is a tiny bottle and the stuff tastes like orange Dimetapp. Now if you have ever taken Dimetapp, you know it tastes really good! Needles to say, my bottle is almost gone!!!! But it doesn't really work! That is why I keep taking more of it! (not that I am OD'ing on it....just want to clarify on that!) It doesn't stop me from coughing. And then I zonk out...but I still cough. I don't mean a little dainty "Oh I'm sick" cough. We're talking hacking up a lung I'm gonna DIE cough! Then I cough so much my head feels like it is going to explode! . . . . You get the picture.

Can't believe Iowa lost to Indiana yesterday. WTF??? But then, a bunch of other ranked teams got beat by unranked teams too. So I guess it isn't all that bad. Lots of upsets this weekend! Go Auburn! Ha Ha Florida! Ha Ha Mizzou! Ahhh.....

No news on the adoption front, as usual! Still waiting. I am really going to look like Smeagol by the end of this wait. 7-1/2 months down. Can't believe it has been that long!

Better get this posted. Off to watch Desperate Housewives and then Dexter on Showtime. Have you seen that show? A little wierd but I LOVE it!

"He wants the precious. Always he is looking for it." ~Smeagol
--(still) Waiting for our precious.


Ron said...

If you have a bad cough, I recommend Delsym medicine. It works wonders with me. It's otc so you can buy it anywhere. I think it's 1 teaspoon/12 hours.

This was an awesome weekend for football. First, the Steelers put the boots to KC and we were there. Pitt won and PSU lost, I freaking love it!!!! Sorry about Iowa.

Kathy and Joel said...

Hope you feel better soon, sweet girl!

Valeri said...

Like Ron said, try Delsym. We always use that.

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Yucky...hope you feel better soon!

Keep smilin!

Lee-Anne said...

Woo hoo! DHW! There not on here at the moment, the networks are preparing for the usual crappy summer tv.

:( sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. that little imp thing from Lord of the Rings, scares the crap outta me! So there's no way, you look anything like him!!!