Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Funny story about this picture. I went searching for a fun picture to put on this post and I came across this one. "That is funny" I thought to myself "I think I will put that one on there" Then I clicked on it to make it bigger so I could save the original image. And LO AND BEHOLD this frog has a penis!!!!! HOLY CRAP! That made it even MORE HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Cracking myself up here folks!* ROFLMFAO I don't know if blogger will pull up the full sized image if you click on it, but if not, I found it HERE. There are lots of other fun pics on there too.

(ok now on with the post)

So a couple days ago I went to a video on YouTube that my hubby sent me. I thought it was so great that I wanted to share it with all of you. So I went to the link under the video that says "blog this video" or something like that. I filled out all the necessary junk. and it said "your post will display on your blog shortly." Do you see it? Me neither. I don' t know what their definition of "shortly" is, but it must be different than mine!

I went back to the orthodontist the other day and they gave me a splint that I am supposed to wear on my upper teeth so they don't shift. Here's the kicker. He told me to wear it at night and in stressful situations......so, now, when am I supposed to remove it? I don't understand. What, when I am eating? oh...yeah...because that is the only time I am not sleeping or stressing! OK! I got it now!

Hmmm....what else? Nope...no adoption news. Nothing. I mean nothing! Nada. Zip. Zilch. ZERO! Sadly, (very sadly) we are coming up on our one year mark of starting this adoption process which is also the one year mark of the date I was told I could not have children. Which is the 3 year mark of starting infertility treatments. Which is the 4-1/2 year mark of starting to try to have children. I started getting really depressed about this yesterday when I realized it was October. I can't believe it has been a year! Over the long haul it seems like it has flown by but in the day to day it seems to drag on forever.

I sit and browse through web sites of families in China and families who have just received their referrals and, although we are at month 7 of our wait, it seems like forever until Mia will finally be in our arms.

(insert splint in mouth) hmmm.....*sigh* better go eat something.


Doris & Dan Clark said...

You are too funny! That little guy has a whole line of merchandise AND a CD.

The wait is hard. We hit 1 year mark on Sunday. Blah...waiting & waiting. This was supposed to be the easy part!!!

Best wear the splint to prevent stress damage! LOL

You are too funny!

Keep smilin!

Ron said...

Nice pic!! Dont' worry about the splint thing. Orthodontists tell you things to worry someone. My bottom retainer was bothering me one day, so I got mad and yanked it out.

Lee-Anne said...

Glass full, kinda girl that I am, one year down is good news isn't it? With each passing month, I get excited! I month closer to Bella. I'm so happy that it's Oct! The next few months will fly, with Christmas/New Years and all that.

:) Have you never heard/or seen the Crazy Frog before? Drives me mad! Didn't know he had a penis though!!!

Jonni said...

That picture is hilarious! :)

Kathy and Joel said...

That funny little picture made me smile! While I love the fall and everything that goes with it (the pumpkins, the sweaters, the apples, etc.) it's also a really difficult itme for us as well. With the days getting shorter I can already feel my moods shifting a little. I am hopeful that through this adoption community of friendly bloggers, I will be able to get through this long Canadian winter with all the pictures of froggy penises I can get! :)

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

You are so cute love your humor! Gotta have some laughts in life might as well be at a frogs expence.
It ain't easy being green I know all about it as of last Saturday night.
loving your blog