Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

Check out this web site to see some amazing pictures of the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival in China. This sculpture is made of snow!! Holy Cow!
Make sure you click on the link to go to the next page at the bottom of the page. There are about 5 pages and one page shows them making the sculptures. Amazing and Beautiful!

I haven't been actually talking on my blog much lately. Mostly just posting "stuff". I have been pretty sick the last few days. I haven't eaten anything but about 15 pringles and 2 Mountain Dews in the last two days. My chest is full of mucus and it hurts. Because it is packed full of mucus I can't breathe worth a crap. My sinuses are packed full of crud. I feel nauxious. Blah!

This wait is becoming painful, as I know it is for everyone who is waiting right now. We are 9-1/2 months into our wait. If I were really pregnant I would have my baby now. Another one at work is pregnant. sigh. That makes 5 this first semester of school (not to mention the two in the other building - luckily I don't see or talk to them on a daily basis). That's about too many to handle! (Keep in mind I am fully aware that these women have done no wrong and I am happy for them - I really is just a painful reminder every day) So here I sit with no baby in sight after 9-1/2 months. There are rumors abounding that China is going to tighten its restrictions on adoptive parents. Get this. (this is a rumor from that dreadful place that I hate but am still drawn to because my agency does not give us any sliver of information about anything but what is posted on the CCAA web site.) Anyway, the rumor is (and it will not affect us because we are already logged in) that when the new regulations pass (probably Jan 2007), China will not approve families who have a history of depression, mania, or anxiety within the last two years or those with a BMI over 40.... Hello!!!!! YOU ARE CAUSING MY DEPRESSION, MANIA AND ANXIETY WHICH CAUSES ME TO SCARF DOWN LOADS OF CHOCOLATE AND ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a freaking clue! Why don't you spend more time helping the orphanages get the babies' paperwork ready for them to be able to be adopted rather than sitting around wasting time trying to figure out how to weed out the numerous loving and generous people who want desperately to adopt these children that no one else in your country wants in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am seriously going to wear out my ! key!!!). Ugh!!! I had better quit. I could go on and on and on. But then I would look like a pathetic, depressed, manic, anxiety driven nut.

Good News: My sister got an interview from the grad school for the Physical Therapy program she applied for. Yay, Shebbs!!!!!! and My step-sister got engaged!!! Yay, Les!!!!


Doris & Dan Clark said...

I hope you feel better soon! Sounds bad.

I hear ya...very frustrating. And banging my head just ends up with me having a I eat chocolate!

Keep smilin!

Valeri said...

Believe it or not I actually heard from IFS today! I was amazed! I'll e-mail you about it.

If I have to hear of one more co-worker or student being pregnant, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. Seriously.

Dawn and Dale said...

Soooo true!!! I told Dale that the other night as well! If they are going to say "No anxiety" that cuts out EVERY adoptive parent out there!! Adoption=Anxiety!!

Anonymous said...

I was an emotioal wreck at the end. Completely... I was lucky to have kids to distract me slightly but I think back and realize how crazy I was. I feel for every family waititng...I hear your point that is does seem goofy that restrictions are tightened and the length of time longer when the kids need homes and there are plently of families willing to open their doors.
Just keep crossing off the months. Sounds trivial but there is no other option- We feel your frustration!

Anonymous said...

You don't know me but I couldn't help but feel your pain as I read your posts. Your feelings are very raw and you do sound as if you are an emotional wreck. Now, you will probably hate me and curse me for what I am about to say, but I feel it needs to be said. I actually read your post several days ago and couldn't get it off my mind. I kept wondering why you are so angry when other people get pregnant? Yes, I know that you are unable to, but there is a reason. The Bible tells us to rejoice when others rejoice, to feel sorrow with them when they feel sorrow. The precious little girl you are waiting for has been created by God to be yours. Why the wait? Well, the Lord may be tired of you thinking that the only thing that will make you happy is a child. Maybe he is wondering when just having Him is enough for you. He is there to meet your every need, to fill every single hole in your heart with his love. The minute you realize this , I think you will feel much better. God longs to be your #1, to be to sole focus of your life. He is a jealous God. (read it in scriptures). Maybe you should tell God that it doesn't matter if you ever hold a child in your arms, as long as you have Him, He is all you need. Yes, this will be very difficult for you , you will probably shed more tears than you ever have in telling Him this, but maybe this is the sole reason you are waiting. He needs to know that He is enough before he rewards you with the precious gift of raising one of His beautiful angels. Just my thoughts, you are in my prayers. Also, I read many of your posts but I never saw a post where you went into detail about how your husband is feeling about all this , this must be hard for him as well, and to see his wife in such an emotional state has got to be difficult.

Journey to Mia Lin said...

A lot of verses in the Bible speak to me. Yes, I pray to God. Yes, I believe in God. But do I live every day to serve Him? No. I don't even go to church on Sundays. I don't feel the need. People have different levels of religion. I guess mine is not as high on the chart as yours. Are you more holy in His eyes because of that?

I believe you may have skipped over the line where I said I was happy for these women at work that are pregnant. I truly am. I don't know what your situation is, but if you have never experienced infertility, then I don't think you truly understand the pain that comes with it. If you have, then you obviously deal with emotional pain better than I.

By the way, my husband is a Marine. He has no feelings and he doesn't like to be mentioned at all on my blog. That is why I never talk about him. ;o)

I love anonymous posters. If you really want to reach me with your words....put your name out there. C'mon.

Valeri said...

"Anonymous" has no idea what people like you and I have gone through, Sara. Once this person experiences this same heartache and suffering maybe this individual will not be so quick to be a critic. "Anonymous" won't get to heaven any quicker than either of us. I find it quite sad that people in our adoption community attack so many people because they don't happen to have the same "spititual" beliefs as they do. I don't find that behavior quite "Christian", eh?