Friday, December 08, 2006

Holy Cow - TA to travel

Has anyone else noticed the quick TA to travel times recently?
Check out this site where they were notified Nov 29 (Wednesday) they needed to leave for China Dec 3rd (Sunday). This is not the first family in the last two weeks I have seen this happen to.
This site also found out on Nov 28th they would leave Dec 3rd. Oh, and so did this site (same dates as the last site).
This site found out about TA on Nov 28th and left on Dec 5th.

Holy Crap people! I need more time to plan than THAT!!!!!!!! That is just insane! I guess it would be good to start packing right after you get your referral (or the month before you get youru referraol) so that you are always ready to go. These links were in the Nov. 2nd referral batch. That means it is only about 30 days from Referral to Travel. That is great! Awesome! But - goodness - 5 days is not much notice!


Jenn said...

Yep, I have a friend who just got SN TA yesterday and is expected to leave on Christmas eve. YIKES! And that isn't even half as bad as the sites you referenced. It's got to be weird to sit around waiting and then have to kick it into high gear for the home stretch. Another problem is finding airline tickets at a decent price with little notice.

Valeri said...

Holy crap is right! OMG! I would freak out if I had such a short amount of time to get things in gear! Yikes!

China Adoption Sites said...

We were lucky to have 4 weeks between TA & travel.

You have many great links to blogs. Check out this site for more:

Lee-Anne said...

LOL! Maybe that's why CCAA are making the "wait" longer?!!!

Dawn and Dale said...

WOW!! I hadn't realized that at all!! Thanks for sharing!!