Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Items added!

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New items have been added to my cafepress store. Check it out for some great China adoption gifts for your loved ones, or for yourself!!!

Proceeds go to fund our adoption.

Have fun shopping!


Valeri said...

Ron bought me one of your shirts for Christmas!It's the one that says "I'm waiting for my son in China". It rocks! I'll have to post a picture of me wearing it on my blog!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your merchandise. Did you design them? They are truly amazing. You will be hearing from me soon, I just have to decide what I am getting. Thank you, Kim

Journey to Mia Lin said...

Thanks Kim! I did design everything on this page myself.
It is pretty addicting thinking up new logos to put together!

Valeri said...

I have a picture of me in one of your shirts on my blog today in case anyone wants to check it out. :)

Dawn and Dale said...

I LOVE your designs!!!

I tried CAFE PRESS for the first time before Christmas when I ordered some gifts for family through them. I was quite impressed! Now I think I'll be ordering more often!!

Happy New Year!!!

Love Dawn

TBG Happenings said...

Very Cute! I too have jumped off the RQ rumor wagon, it doesn't hurt as long as you remember to tuck and roll!!! Happy New Year!