Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pimp My Blog

Pimped another blog today!

Check out Ron's blog! Ron is Valeri's hubby. I pimped her blog last week along with the Waala's Blog.

Let me know if you would like me to pimp your blog! I find it is a great way to pass the time during this dreadful wait. Keep in mind I am not a pro at this. Just moderately skilled. ha.

Have a great . . .

Christmas [Dec 25th](Christian, Roman Catholic, International),

Hanukkah [Dec 16th-24th] (Jewish),

Kwanzaa [Dec 26-Jan 1] (African American),

Las Posadas [Dec 16th-25th] (Mexico),

Eid al-Adha [Dec 31st] (Islamic, Muslim) !!!!!!!

(whatever you celebrate!)


Valeri said...

Ron is so happy with what you did to his blog. Thanks again!

Jonni said...

Great job on the blogs. Your work is awesome! Hope you had a happy holiday. :)

redmaryjanes said...

Your blog is great.
I read through some of your earlier posts and I'd just like to tell you to hang in there.
Our dossier was just sent to China on 12/15.
I'm going to try to hang in there too.

Anonymous said...

Blogs look great! Might have to have mine done sometime!!!! Got any ideas brewing?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new header! Too cute...too true!!

Good work!