Saturday, January 06, 2007

Just let me vent!

I want to take the time to thank Debbie for commenting on my last post. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have known what I had done for a little while longer. I get my blog comments emailed to me so when I checked my email and read her comment I was confused so I went to check the blog..... DuH! I went to make a post earlier. Put the picture on the post and then got interrupted and thought I just closed out the post. Well...I guess I published the darn thing! ha. too funny.

Here is what the post was going to say. (Yes you were right Debbie!)

The Paula Zahn show on CNN. I didn't watch it but I read the transcript of the show. For the others of you who didn't see it - here is the part of the transcript that pissed me off. I know this is lengthy but I wanted you to get the full effect. And to do that you have to read it all. My comments are in purple.

ZAHN: One more time. Cenk Uygur, Roland Martin, Solangel Maldonado. I am sure you are all VERY qualified to speak about adoption. Obviously the Chinese government is making it clear it wants to be more selective will prospective parents, it wants to place these children in the best family environment it can. Isn't that justified?
MALDONADO: Absolutely. I think we all know that China is a sovereign country. It has the right to place whatever restrictions on foreigners who are seeking to adopt their children that it wants. And adoption is really about supply and demand, and the reality is that there are many more Americans, many more Westerners seeking to adopt children from China than there are children available so the Chinese government can decide to do whatever it wants. This is true.
MARTIN: OK, why? What's the big deal with Chinese children? Enlighten me, please, help me out. Yes, please tell us. Because I am sure you have talked with many China adoptive parents and know the answer to this, right? I mean you are a respectable news source!
ZAHN: You understand this better than anybody. Why don't we see more Americans adopting black foster children? WTF? Do they have to be BLACK foster children???? Where the hell did that come from???? Good one Paula! And why foster children? Why not just any child in America up for adoption.
MARTIN: That's my point. What's the big deal with Chinese children? Why the infatuation? infatuation?
ZAHN: You think it's something with the color of their skin? Is that what you're driving at? WTF? What is her problem? the "color of their skin"????? Yes, I chose to adopt from China because of the color of their skin over there! Because I am THAT intelligent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If THAT were the case, wouldn't we all be adopting from Russia or the Ukraine so we could get WHITE kids??????
MARTIN: Maybe they think they can adopt a smart kid that is going to grow up to be a doctor? I don't know. They need to realize that's called training, not just inherent, it will happen when they're born.Angel, help me out. Oh YEAH! That's it. God you guys are SO F*CKING INTELLIGENT!!!!!!!!
MALDONADO: Absolutely. This is something I've been looking into for a long time. Americans have this love affair with girls from China. love affair?? What??? There is this belief, this perception, irrational as it might be that if you adopt a little girl from China, she's going to be intelligent, she's going to be more lovable. Is that your irrational belief, perception??? Because it isn't mine!!!!!!!!!! Do you even know that there are many people out there who adopt from more than one country? Do they think their Russian or Guatemalan child is more lovable than their Chinese child? Hell no!
MARTIN: Like the porcelain doll. Brilliant.
MALDONADO: We definitely see that idea of the beautiful Chinese little girl, as compared to do, they really want to adopt a black boy. Why is this even an issue? What? Most people who are adopting are doing so because they are infertile. They choose to adopt a child of a different ethnicity than their own and I am SURE that race is not an issue for them. The color of their child is the last thing on their mind. I don't care if my child is pink with purple polka dots! Just give me a child that will call me mommy!!!!! You f*cking idiot!
ZAHN: What difference does it make if the prospective parent has a facial deformity and the prospective parent weighs 70 more pounds than the scale says they should weigh. Finally - back to a real issue!
UYGUR: I love the idea of them weighing people. All right. So you know, first of all, okay, so gay parents are out. That's a clear rule, but then also Dennis Hastert's who? out because he's way too fat. They put him on the scale, sorry. But I'd probably be out.I don't know, maybe I'd have to go on an exercise regimen, to do the body mass indexes they pinch you in all of these different places.Uhm, BMI is based on your height and weight. Not pinching you everywhere. There are BMI calculators all over the internet! Just google them. Beamus!
ZAHN: You can fake it, suck it in. Uh....see my comment above.
UYGUR: Not me. Shut up!
MARTIN: Paula, you raise the question - China, first of all, they do have the right to do it, but the flipside is what is the infatuation by Americans and other foreigners when it comes to adopting Chinese children? That is not the issue of this segment. The issue is that China changed its regulations! That is a real issue there, and why do we avoid other children and not just -- children who are here in America, who are looking for homes, and who just like Chinese orphans want a nice place to live. That's true. We tried an American adoption and it failed. Why? Because the child's mother wanted him back! And she got him! If we want children in America to be adopted by Americans, then maybe we should put them into orphanages when they get taken away from their parents and make them able to be adopted right away with no rights to the idiotic parents who lost them. If you want to adopt a child in America from the foster care system, you are looking at a child who is at least 7 years old in most cases. You can get infants, if you want to wait in line forever and be chosen by the mother from among 30 or 60 other couples. But you have so many loopholes and red tape to go through because Americans have so many rights and you end up getting your heart broken time and time again. My thoughts. . . If a parent loses their child for not being a good parent or if they say they want to give them up for adoption, that should be the end of it and that child should be able to be adopted right then. You shouldn't have to wait to see if the parent can get their act together. Research shows, most of them don't. So why not give those children a stable loving home rather than let them flop back and forth from foster care to their stupid parent until they are 7 and then let the be adopted when they are already f*cked up in the brain from all the abuse and neglect from their parent. (I know it doesn't always happen like this so don't get pissed off at me if you adopted a wonderful perfect child from the foster care system. This is my blog and I am just venting!!!!)
ZAHN: But realistically, how are you ever going to change that bias?
UYGUR: I think a lot of people are looking for Muslim children these days. Oh do you. You f*cking idiot... You can't adopt from Iraq or any other Muslim country!!!!!!!!!!!!! God you are idiots!
ZAHN: Yeah, right.SHUT UP Paula!
UYGUR: Because we started the Iraq war and there's so many orphans. I'm sure they're getting a lot of Iraqi children, right? F*ck No! You can't adopt from Iraq! No, of course, they think it's cute and they're smart and it's really dumb, actually, of course.What are you talking about? That sentence made no sense! Roland's right, no he isn't it's all in the training and it's a shame because all over the world there's other kids that need to be adopted especially in Africa, but for once, the celebrities are doing the right thing there trying to foster that. Don't get me started on that one.
MARTIN: Call the queen of Africa, Angelina Jolie. She can hook you up. Oh, God. That was a really intelligent comment. You jerk of an idiot!
MALDONADO: I think what we need to do is we need to break down some of the misconceptions. For example, one misconception is....people believe if they're adopting a child from China, the child is going to be healthier than a child they adopt in the United States and that is just not true. Even if the child is born ...(glad someone interrupted him)
ZAHN: It defies logic. The quality of the medical care many of these kids have suffered through the first several months of life. Obviously it does defy logic. that is why it isn't true!
MARTIN: What also ignores logic is that China is having an explosion when it comes to obesity as well so maybe they should start their own million pound challenge like we started in Chicago to deal with Chinese folks who don't want to have overweight kids. What? You make no sense....again. They view obesity as a disability. They don't want obese parents because they think if you are obese you will have a more difficult time taking care of the child.
ZAHN: What are some of the other assumptions you think people in America make about the native intelligence of children based on whether you're Hispanic What does this have to do with ANYTHING related to Chinese adoptions?????? And why are you picking on Hispanics now?- We had a guest on the other night when you were with us suggesting that Hispanic parents don't take education as seriously as some other sets of our population. There's a very complicated picture here. Aye Yie Yie
UYGUR: And America is changing and some of the assumptions are going to change because of that. What really happens isn't of course that Asians are smarter. Immigrant families foster a culture where they work hard and emphasize education so Jewish families went through that, Asian families went through that. But now Eastern European families are coming and doing the same thing and African families are coming and doing the same thing. So I can't wait for 10, 20 years down the line, everybody's like I've got to have an African child. Because they're all geniuses. China adoptions???? Are we still talking about the Chinese regulations?
MARTIN: Remember, those are learned traits that you learn based upon how you have been raised. Yeah. ok.
UYGUR: Of course. Shut up.
MARTIN: You are simply not born, hey that, kid will have a great work ethic because they were born to an immigrant family. It simply doesn't work that way because you got some lazy immigrant families. What do you think the assumptions Americans make about kids of Asian descent even here in America, they'll work hard, they'll own their store someday. Trying not to get too pissed here. Really trying hard.
UYGUR: They'll be brilliant. Stay calm.....
ZAHN: All right. Hispanic ... Yeah, let's talk about Hispanic kids because that has EVERYthing to do with China adoptions. Why don't you have a show on racism instead, Paula?
MALDONADO: Well the idea about Hispanic kids, it's sort of mixed. I think the stereotypes about Hispanic kids are both positive and negative. They believe that Hispanic kids are likely to work harder than black kids, but they also believe that they're not going to be as intelligent as Asian kids. China? Adoption? What?
ZAHN: Muslim kids. . . . .Aye....
UYGUR: They're going to grow up to be violent.Who is adopting a Muslim kid? Has anyone adopted a Muslim kid in the last 20 years in America? f*cking biggot.
MARTIN: You've got somebody sitting there saying, keep the Muslim kid out of chemistry class. Keep them away. and his biggot friend.
ZAHN: How about black kids?Do you think the average American out there makes the assumption they'll be lazy and never make it through high school? Adoption?
MARTIN: I think they probably assume they're going to sing for them like Jay Z and play like in the NBC. Oh yeah . You are a f*cking brilliant person. Just great. That was a really nice comment. I am glad you are not adopting a child.
ZAHN: Anybody would love to have Jay Z's career. Are we even talking about adoption any more??????????????????
MARTIN: I'd rather have Bob Johnson's. He's a billionaire and Jay Z isn't. Ugh?
ZAHN: Thank you, Roland Martin, Solangel Maldonado. Thank you, all. Appreciate your time. Adoption? I didn't think so............

Good Bye Paula Zahn. Don't expect me or any other adoptive parent to ever watch your show again. Remember - as you said - last year 6000-some families adopted from China. And their extended familes and friends. 6000+ per year not watching your show.....Good publicity stunt!

If they had even interviewed a China adoptive parent they would know that the reason people go to China to adopt is that they have the most stable adoption program. Guatemala is crashing and becoming unstable. The Ukraine has shut down pretty much to the US. Russia is very expensive. There are only a couple countries in Africa and who knows about those countries. Vietnam is popular but still is not very stable. Korea is the same. You can't just adopt from ANY country. Review Madonna's recent adoption! China's program has been working for a long time and is the most reliable country for adoptions. You are pretty much guraranteed to have a child at the end of your adoption. Plus it is more affordable than others. It is also popular because both parents don't have to travel to China to receive the child which makes it easier for couples who have other children. American adoptions are becoming less popular because of all the heartbreak and drawn out process that is involved with them. I had a domestic adoption agent tell me the other day she was working with about 30 birthmothers and about 15 families. But after all those birthmothers had their babies, only about 4 of them would be placed with families. And four would be good. There is too much red tape with American adoptions. Families can't afford to go through all that emotional drainage. It is too hard. At least with China, you know you are getting a baby when it is your turn. You don't have to pay for the birthmother's expenses for 6 months and then find out at the end that she doesn't want to give you her baby. China is just easier. Make American adoptions easier and I would be glad to adopt from here!
I have a migraine. This kills my head.


Anonymous said...

I was never a big fan of Paula Zahn.

Valeri said...

I love when these "experts" go on national television and talk about things they have absolutely no freakin idea about! I wonder how many children those "experts" have adopted, eh???? Once they walk a mile in our shoes maybe they wouldn't be so quick to judge. Ignorance is such a sad thing.

TBG Happenings said...

You hit the nail on the head with this post! Or maybe we should hit the pin heads on so called news shows! I sure hope there is some kind of response from CNN on this one!