Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Solangel Revisited

I have now emailed Solangel Moldonado three times and she has emailed me back every time. And every time it is a personal response to the email I sent responding to every aspect of the email with her own words. It isn't a form email typed up for her to send out to all the emails she gets, which I am sure is hundreds right now after the CNN episode. She has proven to be very knowledgeable about research and law regarding adoptions and race relations (she ought to be since she is assoc. professor of law at Seton Hall). And she was, of all the panelists, the least vocal about the topic being discussed that night. She did say to me that because of the way the panel is set up, she did not get to fully express her views on the issue like she had wanted. So, for whatever it is worth, she has redeemed herself in my book.

Oh, and why was she on this panel???? "Her current work explores the reasons many Americans prefer to adopt children of color from other countries over African-American children." (from the above linked web site)

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Valeri said...

I applaud her professionalism!