Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Look who's coming home!!!!

There are lots of people in China right now on my links in the right hand column. These are the ones leaving today or within the next couple days. There are lots more listed under "Traveling Feb/Mar" under my links!!!!
So fun to see babies united with their forever families!!!!!!

Keep watching my links. I have been adding more and more each day. Lots of TA's have arrived! If you know of anyone not listed please let me know!!!!!!! (I'm a little psycho about my links - in case you haven't noticed!) And remember - all the families who have already come home are on their own page listed under the links! Have fun surfing!

Journey to Kenzie (To China 2/21/07)
Journey to Elizabeth (To China 2/21/07)
Margaux (To China 2/21/07)
Bringing Home Sofie (To China 2/21/07)
Journey to Elina (To China 2/22/07)
McFee's Girl (To China 2/22/07)
Walker Adoption (To china 2/22/07)
Journey to Margaret (To China 2/23/07)
Journey to Grace (To China 2/23/07)
Now We Are Four (To China 2/23/07)
An Invisible Thread (To China 2/24/07)
(To China 2/24/07) Hawk's Brother (waiting child)


redmaryjanes said...

I love to see the babies. Great post. Your blog is so fun!

Mom-of-5 said...

Like I said your my personal portal !! Thanks for being so anal and keeping things updated !