Thursday, March 01, 2007

Breath of Fresh Air!

(Preface: Blogger is acting really wierd! I haven't been able to comment on anyone's blogs. Today I go to make this post and I put in this picture... clicking only ONE time... and it just keeps putting more and more of the same picture in my post!!! It is possessed!!!! I deleted about 15 suns from this post. I left you two so you could get the effect!!!!)
For those of you who are in, say....AUSTRALIA!... you won't appreciate this post as much since it is SUMMER there!!!
Anyway, isn't it great to see the signs of spring approaching?!?!?!? The sun is staying up longer which I LOVE! Warmer temps!!! It was 62 when I left for work today. Of course I think that is the high temp for today. It isn't as warm now that the rain is coming! Thunder storms. Yes I love thunder storms! We were in bed the other night and it thundered and Brian said "What was that???" Not used to hearing those sounds all winter so the first time you hear it again is kinda wierd. I remember my dad and I used to sit on the front porch of this old farm house we lived in and just watch it rain. Love the rain... when I don't have to go out in it! and when it isn't cold outside! And as long as it is sunny the next day and doesn't rain for a week straight. ok. anyway.
I always feel so refreshed when the sun comes out. I finally put away all the snow decorations and got out the spring stuff. Yay for spring!
Bring on the sunny days!!!!!!!!!!

Called our social worker. Time to update the homestudy! yay... Thankfully, she said it would only be one visit to the home and all we would need is a new background check, tax return from last year and possibly a new medical write up but she wasn't sure on that. Shouldn't be too bad.


Beckyb said...

Just a heads up - my blinkies always do that to me - post about a million on the post until I can click the Done button!! It's irritating - but I don't think it's a blogger glitch!!

Teri said...

I'm with you!! Yay Spring. Here in the Bluegrass, today is rainy and warm, high 50's w/ thundershowers.. But it reminds me that April is on its way. I'm not a cold weather person AT ALL!

Dawn and Dale said...

Puuuulease.....send some of that "spring" stuff you are talking about up North here would ya??!!!

I can NOT wait for it to get here!!!

Ron said...

Wow, 62, we won't see that until maybe mid May if we're lucky...Send some sunshine our way for the weekend.

Lisa and Doug said...

I am so ready for spring too. We had some nasty thunderstorms yesterday though. Love the rain, but not the lightening and thunder!

Lee-Anne said...

I appreciate all your posts!!! Its been stinking hot here!!! (sorry, didn't mean to rub it in!!!) We were at the beach yesterday - frying!

Shannon S said...

Love, love, love the spring! (I know, like winter living in VA Bch is rough!) Still, trees look so much better with leaves! =)