Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Plus Size Items

I have added the new plus size items in my store!!!! The sizes go up to 5x. Right now they only have 2 different styles of white t-shirts. But I put them in under all my different designs. Check them out. This picture is just one of many designs.
I don't have all the designs added yet but I will get them all added by tonight.
The link is under my header above.
Happy shopping!


C.J. said...

Great idea - there were too many mommies left out of those cute little tees...esp. those of us with big konkers ;0)

Lee-Anne said...

You are wonderful!!! Always thinkin of others!!!

Valeri said...

Thanks! C.J.'s comment is priceless! :)

I love your store! I bought two shirts last week for Jensen's grandmothers. We love them!

I'll have to get a picture of them wearing the shirts and put it on my blog for you to see. :)