Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well, spring has definitely sprung in our yard! Since we have no children to run barefoot through our grass - you get pictures of our dogs running through our grass! LOL. My sweeties love to play outside in the grass when it is nice outside. Except Ali who you will not see in the outside pictures. She would much rather sunbathe on the patio. She hates going in the grass. Even to potty! she steps onto as little amount of grass as she possibly can to potty and then runs fast as she can back to the patio! She's such a sissy-girl. Little princess! Abe loves to run! everywhere! Bo, Abe's daddy, just mosies around and wishes Abe would quit pestering him! Every once in a while he gets a spur in his ass and takes off running. Sometimes he will do the bucking bronco when he gets excited. That is always good for a laugh!

Our lilies and tulips are popping up! Yay! I really want to plant some daffodils. I always love seeing the daffodils come up and we don't have any! Have to get on that for next spring! We also have some beautiful yellow dandelions blessing our yard. I say they are pretties. Brian says they are weeds. Either way - I like 'em. 'Specially when they turn white and you can blow them (spreading the seeds everywhere to create more of them!!)

Funny story - our neighbors are a little psycho about their yards...we are not! But anyway, last year a "chem-lawn" guy was going around the neighborhood telling everyone how he could help improve their yards (to get more business). He was talking to Brian and he said "I see you have some clover - we could help you get rid of that." And Brian said, "Why? It's pretty. Took me a long time to get it like that." (ROFLMAO) Truth is... if we took out the clover we'd have to replant our whole yard! LOL. The chemicals to kill the clover would kill our whole yard!!! Ha. Because we have dogs (and most our neighbors don't) Our yard usually needs mowed (mown? ha.) long before theirs! Our dogs are excellent fertilizers!!! LOL. Our yard is about 4" higher than our neighbors' yards right now. (Yeah - we really need to mow it!) One year we made the mistake of using actual fertilizer. What the hell were we thinking???? Duh. Brian was mowing the yard every 4 days!!!!!

Hope your yards are springing! Wishing you all much sunnier days ahead!

Someone go kick the CCAA in the ass, will ya?!?!?!

Speaking of that... I went and looked at THIS SITE and it says (Updated March 22nd) that the current average wait for referral is 506 days. hmmmm... We are currently at day 391 (actually more than that because this goes from DTC date. So that would be another 27 days for us.). So does that mean we only have 115 left to referral??? I wish! That would put us getting our referral in like the July batch. At one point I had thought that would be when we got our referral but I have completely given up on that. While this may say the current wait is averaging 506 days, the wait is still increasing. A previous co-worker told me they waited 18 months for their daughter. Since then the wait went back down to 6 months and now it is back up to 16 right now (and increasing). I have given up on trying to guess when we will get our referral, but the thought of all this math is always in the back of my mind. You should check out THIS SITE though. It is pretty informative.


Lisa and Doug said...

Your doggies are the cutest things ever! Adorable! Happy Springs!

amy said...

Cute puppies. We are not logged in yet but I have enjoyed your blog and your lists!

Valeri said...

I love when you have your doggies on here!!! Snoopy sends them her love. Woof woof!

Teri said...

I love your doggies! Abe is sooo smiley!

Ron said...

I love your dogs!!!

C.J. said...

Love the doggies - hate to think of mowing time again. Hey, actually if it is sunny and warm I'll mow my arse off without complaint!