Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mother's Day is Coming!

Don't forget to buy some fun stuff for the Mamas, Lao Laos and Nai Nais in your life!!!! Mother's Day is Sunday May 13th so shop now!
We got notice that we can come and get our fingerprints done at USCIS. So we will be doing that some Wednesday in the next couple weeks.
My diet has not gone well so far! I only exercised the first two days. And then I had Mt. Dews and ice cream...ugh. I am going to start over tomorrow and stick to it this time!
well that's about all I have to say today! Nothing exciting! ha.


Dawn and Dale said...

I'm going to join the wait loss blog too!!! Please!!!

Good for you for starting again!!

That's what worked for me!! Not giving up when I had a bad day (or two or three!!)

It's starting over EVERYTIME and saying...IT's all good!!!

Stacy said...

I like those t-shirts. I am going to have to look more closely when I'm not so tired.

I started AGAIN today. The exercise starts tomorrow.

Steffie B. said...

I love Cafee Press....and I have to do better on my diet this week too!