Sunday, April 01, 2007

uh... Wow!

Ok. Thanks to Kristen in my comments I found this web site that I didn't know existed. Holy cow. Why do people do this? This is just rediculous! It isn't bad enough that this site exists, but Howard Stern (not to be confused with Howard K Stern!) is promoting this site. Good grief. C'mon AI supporters...get to voting for the GOOD singers!!!! Don't let this idiot win!!
It was a beautiful day here today. Did some spring cleaning which was much needed. Brian mowed the yard for the second time in a week. Grass is out of control!
Waiting on our homestudy to get back so we can send in our new/renewal I600 application. Seems like that process is taking forever, even though it has only been 15 days. You would think throughout this whole process I would have better patience. Patience is a weakness of mine. I have never been a patient waiter! I am the one sitting there tapping my foot, bouncing my leg, tapping my fingers, etc. in the waiting room.
Oooo.. Gotta go! Desperate Housewives is on. If its a rerun I'm gonna scream!


C.J. said...

I have this feeling it will be a while before Sanjaya goes anywhere.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

tee hee you are a fidgety little thing aren't too, I can't hardly sit still when I'm waiting for something. Hope it comes soon.