Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stork makes another trip to USA from China

Don't you just hate it when you type a big long post and your computer locks up before you publish it?? Nice. Freaking thing.

Anyway, what I was writing was that we went and got refingerprinted today at the immigration office in Kansas City. The way that office works is they send you a letter telling you to come any Wednesday before 84 days from the date of the notice or something like that. So we decided to go today. We were in and out in 15 minutes! yes! Drove 2-1/2 hours for 15 minutes! Let's just hope that new I-171 comes quickly. Our current one expires in July. . . Not that we will travel before it expires though!!

I have listed below the sites I know of who have received or are expecting to receive referrals with this batch. They supposedly got through November 1, 2005 but the CCAA hasn't updated their site yet so I will believe it when I see it. I am sure it is true. Anyway, enjoy browsing through the cute baby faces!!!

(LID 10/27/05) Journey to Kali
(LID 10/27/05) Kyleigh Jennae
(LID 10/27/05) Journey to Courtney
(LID 10/28/05) Journey to Ms. Hannah
(LID 10/28/05) Adopting Lilly
(LID 10/28/05) Story of Ava
(LID 10/28/05) Panda Bear Chronicles
(LID 10/29/05) Journey to Madi
(LID 10/31/05) To China and Back
(LID 10/31/05) Snickerdoodle's Sister
(LID 10/31/05) Journey to Kristina Li
(LID 10/31/05) Journey to Jazmine
(LID 11/1/05) Journey to Motherhood
(DOR 5/1/07) Thadani Website
(DOR 5/1/07) Two and a High Chair
(DOR 5/1/07) Ava's Timeline
(DOR 5/1/07) My Child of China
(DOR 5/1/07) Chey's
(DOR 5/1/07) Etter Family Journey
(DOR 5/1/07) Journey to Annie
(DOR 5/1/07) Snickerdoodle Waits for Lil Sis
(DOR 5/1/07) Gray Family Adventure
(DOR 5/1/07) Abby's Road Home
(DOR 5/1/07) Journey to Anna Grace
(DOR 5/1/07) leahmeili
(DOR 5/1/07) The Puckett's
(DOR 5/1/07) Dempsey Family
(DOR 5/1/07) Waiting for Olivia Grace
(DOR 5/1/07) Our Girl Aimee


redmaryjanes said...

I just love it when the referrals come in and I get to see the babies.
I can't imagine how great it will be when I see the families who I have gotten close to through the blogs begin to get their children.

Doris & Dan said...

It is a wonderful time!

Hope the papers come soon!

Keep smilin!

Emmie said...

OOO yes..I totally hate when the stupid computer just sets me off! :)

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Just the therapy I need.
Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to browse through the list! But, had to stop and comment here quickly, first...

We did all our fingerprinting at the KC immigration office, too! We must not live too far from each other! (It is an hour and fifteen minute drive for us to the INS or whatever it is they call themselves these days!, worst case scenario is that we live about three hours apart...but, maybe we live within a an hour of each other! is a small world!)