Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm crying over this.

This is the funniest shit I have seen all week!

Not much going on here at all. We are going Sunday to a FCC waiting couples lunch. I can't believe we have been waiting now for 15-1/2 months. Each month we wait our wait gets longer. I know. How can that be, right? Well, that is what is happening. Each month that the CCAA only sends out less than 15 days worth of referrals, makes our wait one month longer... instead of getting shorter like it should be as each month goes by. Last month the people who got their referrals had waited 18 months. This month the people who got their referrals waited 19 months. Next month the people getting their referrals will have waited 20 months, etc. By the time they get to the end of Feb. 2006, we will probably have been waiting for about 24 months or more. I am expecting it to be more. At the rate they are going it will take them 3 months to get through one month of LID's so at that rate we would get our referral in 11 months. The earliest I could see us getting it would be 8 months.

Enough of that. I can't bear to think about that crap! Rediculous is what it is! I went shopping with a friend today on my day off and I rode with her to where we were going. When I got back to my car, my temp gauge said it was 105. The actual temp outside was about 95 I think. Holy Cow! That's hot folks! Need to talk Brian into that swimming pool! LOL From our conversations last summer I doubt that will happen!

Welllllll..... I figured you all were getting bored of posts where I didn't say much so I decided to actually say something. Don't really have much to say though. Does anyone know when Big Brother starts? I know it is always in the summer. LOVE that show! Gonna have to go and look that up!

Peace- Out!


Valeri said...

Loved it! It looks like me

I think those hot temps are coming our way....blah! I like the nice 70's we've had this week!

Ron said...

Keep that hot weather your way, I had enough of that crap in China!

Anonymous said...

hello you, gosh what a brain ache trying to figure it all out, know someone over here starting china adoption process, i didnt want to bring her down but did express that i had gathered from reading your posts the old days of china being a quick referal time appear to be long gone.

Anonymous said...


I always say, it is not really summer til Big Brother starts! 7/5/07


Stacy said...

That is one cool hippo! Wish I could move like that! :)

Hold on ~ we will get there eventually.

C.J. said...

Love that...I'm sick enough to want the full version.

Hanging with you in the 24-26 month wait China adoption land :0)

Shannon S said...

Too funny! The sad thing is it reminded me of some of my Kindergarten students "performing" that song for me...yeah, their parents are clueless...