Friday, July 13, 2007!

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Mock (yeah)
Ing (yeah)
Bird (yeah)
Yeah (Oh yeah)
Mockin' bird
Now everybody have you heard
(Oh I have heard!)
He's gonna buy me a mockingbird
(What? why the hell would you want a Mockingbird? I have one I will GIVE to you!)
And if that mockingbird don't sing
(Oh it will sing! Trust me! Don't you worry about that one bit!!!)
He's gonna buy me a diamond ring
(Don't count on the ring! That bird will sing like CRAZY!)


redmaryjanes said...

I saw them sing that together a little while ago. She's his daughter right? I haven't heard anything from her since though. Great song.

Alyson & Ford said...

Great song, she's talented! How unbelievable it is to be able to sing with your daughter!

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