Thursday, July 05, 2007

That was quick!

The review room is through May 31, 2006. I think we can assume that they were working on May when it took them so long to get through the last review room batch. That - or - May 2006 is a smaller batch. I doubt it is the second thought!

At any rate, I was checking the site to see if they put the referral date up but I guess they haven't done that yet. Kind of wierd that the rumors are flying about referrals being sent out but yet the CCAA changes their site today and the referral date didnt' change but the review room date did!

Congrats to all the May 2006 families for getting through the dreaded review room!!!!!

Hope all my American friends had a glorious 4th of July! and all my Canadian friends had a good Canada Day on the 1st of July! Now let's get this summer over with so we can move on to fall and get closer to winter and then spring (and then summer?) so we can go to China!!!


amy said...

I love great news..That means we have less than a year to go in the review room! LOve reading your blog although I dont always post!

Dawn and Dale said...

Hilarious!! I love how many "seasons" you had to write!! lol Glad your optimistic today like me!! ;)

C.J. said...

Good news! I'd still love to be blindsided by a giant wad of referrals one of these day :0)

Alyson & Ford said...

Hoping that Dec05 and Jan06 referrals are in large batches (or at least a whole month of days).
Ditto C.J.

LID 01/27/06

redmaryjanes said...

I'm always happy for the family's getting their babies, but I feel like our day is so far off that I really don't relate it to us at all.