Monday, July 30, 2007

Video Nazi Strikes

We went to a Dr_m C*rps Int#rn@ti*n@l Show last night and it was so fun!
I did get caught by the video nazi though... :(

This video is the M@dis*n Sc*uts ready to enter the field. Their show was awesome!!!! I wish I could have taped the whole show... I think the problem was that they entered on the left side of the field. Everyone else entered center field so I hid the camera behind the guy in front of me. To get the left side of the field I had to go over his left shoulder....exposing my camera. To be honest with you.... They did not check our bags when we entered the stadium, nor did they ask if we had any video cameras when we came in. There was no announcement that video taping was not allowed. It did not say anywhere in their program book that you could not video tape! The girl in front of me got away with it because her digital camera also took video. *scowl* The good videos I took are too long and Y*uTube won't upload them because they are more than 10 MB. Drop Shots is taking forever to upload so I don't know if I will get those videos loaded or not.... In the mean time... Enjoy the video nazi! LOL

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