Saturday, August 18, 2007

FATE for dinner

Last night we were trying to figure out where to go eat dinner because I did NOT feel like cooking something and then washing dishes! It took us a very long time to decide, but for some odd reason, I was craving this place where we had only been ONE time before and when we went there - I DIDN'T LIKE IT! Why was I craving this place? Brian was wondering the same thing! It is not good food! The place is a bit scummy... But this place was just calling my name. Brian kept asking, "Are you SURE you want to go there???" so, with hesitation, off we went. We even almost turned and went somewhere else while driving there. We sat down and were waiting for the lady to bring us our drinks when... in walks a family with a little Chinese cutie!

Fate? You bet!

She was just darling and I could not stop staring at her. I guess I needed my little China Cutie fix because I have been so down lately about this wait. They were finished at the same time we were and we were at the cash register at the same time so we talked to them. They are in our local FCC group and we thought we had recognized them. They told us about their trip to China. They only waited 6 months from LID to travel in (what I am assuming was...) 2003 (since she is 3 years old and will be 4 in a month or two and was 10 months when they got her.) We told them about the current wait and of course they were stunned. The moment when FATE hit me in the face was when we were talking about the place where we ate. Their son asked them, "Is this place sanitary?" after they sat down. The mom said that they (too) went back and forth between about 10 different places to eat before "settling on" this one and that they don't come there a lot. hmmmm... fate? I believe so!

It was so great to see them and I, of course, got in the car and let the tears flow. I am so eager to get our Mia home and this wait is so difficult. But I did see a glimmer of hope in the little smile of this China cutie!


Mom of 5 said...

What a good boost. Fate it is !!

redmaryjanes said...

We are the same way. We notice every little Chinese child. I guess you can't help it. I'm so glad that you got see her. It does help to keep your dream alive.

Anonymous said...

wow - goosebumps!

Shannon S said...

Very cool! Those little China connection coincidences keep me going. =)