Thursday, August 30, 2007

holy cow!

(You can scroll clear down to the bottom almost and hit mute on the slide show of my sister's wedding to mute the music playing)

Uhm. What did she say? But at the same time... Uhm. What would I have said?

Here is what I think I would have said...

"What? Are those people stupid! How can you live in the US and not be able to locate it on a map? Were the people that you polled mentally/cognitively sound? Were they 3 years old? This statistic just blows me away. I find it utterly dispicable that only 1 in 5 people living in the US can identify it on a map. And I am so ticked off right now because I had my speech all prepared about the war in Iraq and the starving people in Africa and you didn't even ask me about that!!! Pshaw! I need to go file my nails!"


Doris & Dan said...

Sigh...sad stats. But that response has to many big words in it...would not work either.

Keep smilin!

redmaryjanes said...

Next time, if there is ever a next time that she is seen in public, she should wear an earpiece and you can coach her. She was a mess-poor thing. She'll never outlive that.
I sent a little something to you in the mail today.

Brandi said...

That sounds like something I would have said!!!!

Kim R. said...

OK, I'm just guessing that maybe she's the one who can't find the U.S. on the map?
Not sure where (or if) she went to school, but the last time I checked, there were maps there! :)

Seriously - I can only hope she was *just* nervous! please please please.

Kim R.
LID 1/27/06
caesarandlouie. blogspot. com

sooze66 said...

As a teacher, I am a bit concerned by both the statistic they gave and that poor young lady's response. I had heard so much about that piece and am glad to finally see what the fuss was about. I am going today to go get a map puzzle for my kiddos at school and one for my kiddo in China to break this little cycle!