Thursday, September 27, 2007

19 months and I'm a bad blogger

My dear friend Chris... informed me today that I am a bad blogger... She has been checking and checking and checking but all she saw every time she checked was the Tour of Missouri.... So I am posting a new post today! Then I realized it was our 19 month LID so I HAD to post!

I have been soooo busy lately that I just haven't even had time to log onto the computer at night. This is the first night all week. For some reason this school year is just running me in circles. I feel like I work and work and work and the pile never gets any smaller! Calgon... Take me Away!!

Nothing really going on because that is just how boring I am! I am glad autumn is here but I hate it when we start to lose light! I don't like waking up when it is dark out! And I don't like it when it is dark at 6:00 at night! ugh. Anyway, here is my new post, Chris! Thanks for keeping me on my toes and keeping me from being BORING!!!!! (p.s. I hope you are having fun on your mini-vacation!)
Survivor China votes out second member!


Donna & Andrew said...

Congrats on having 19 months behind you.

M&M's and Oolong Tea said...

Happy 19th your getting closer.


Tamara said...

Congrats! I know to it might not feel like it, but you really are getting close. I think we need to have a "New Year" celebration when we hit 2006 with referrals or something with the other waiting families! 2005 was a LONG year.

bbmomof2boys said...

Happy 19!!


Kayce said...

Happy 19!!

Valeri said...

Happy 19!

We missed you!

I know how stressful the first couple weeks of school are! I have so much paperwork for my ESL program...ugh...where do I even begin?????

redmaryjanes said...

I must say that I have been coming almost every day looking for a new post. Congratulations on 18 months closer! And thanks for posting again. I'm keeping an eye on the state of your kharma. Looks good today.

Brandi said...

Welcome back to bloggy land, Sara!

Congrats on number 19!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Happy 19th LID.

Darn it! you just reminded me about Survivor and It was on 3 hours ago! I totally missed it. C.R.A.P