Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tour of Missouri Comes to Town!

The Tour of Missouri came to town! This was absolutely amazing and we are so lucky to have seen it! The riders rode past the school where I work on Friday toward the end of stage 4. Then Saturday they left from the capitol to start stage 5 so we went to watch that.
The Tour de France winner, Alberto Contador from Spain was there with Team Discovery! And several other international riders were on teams. There were 10 USA teams (including team Discovery), 1 Spanish team, 1 German team, 1 Canadian team, 1 Mexican team and 1 British team. The USA teams had several riders from different countries (Russia, Uzbekistan, Australia, Spain, Ukraine, and Cuba to name a few). Here is a link to see the teams and riders. I have put together slide shows of Friday and Saturday and a video from Saturday.

There were about 120 riders. It took them about 10 seconds to go by (luckily on Saturday they looped around the capital so we got to see them go by twice!) and their entourage took about 10 minutes LOL. There were cars and motorcycles for photo/tv, some motorcycles said "marshall" on them, there was a van a ways ahead of them with speakers on top that announced different things telling you they were coming and handed out brochures. There were state patrol cars and ambulances. It was crazy how many other cars were following them! Each team had a team car that carried stuff for the riders and had about 3 extra bikes on top. It was so much fun and the kids at school LOVED it!!! Every time a car or motorcycle came around the corner while we were waiting for the bikers - the kids would scream and wave. The patrol cars would turn on their sirens for the kids. The bikers came by the school at about 20-25 miles per hour so they were really truckin' by! If this race comes through your state be sure and try to go see them. It is truly awesome and gave me goosebumps while watching! These guys rode in the Tour de France for goodness sake! Wow!


Tamara said...

We saw them Friday too! They came by about 3 blocks from my office. Their formation was crazy, they are so tightly packed when passing. It was fun.

Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

Glad that you enjoyed it. Sounds great. Sorry we missed it! Bet the kiddos at school loved it. What a treat! Jen P.

redmaryjanes said...

That is so cool and great for your students to see!

Chris and Greg said...

What an awesome slide show and video!!!!!!! I enjoyed watching it on Friday, but the video sent chills down my spine again. What a treat!

Nikki & Larry said...

What a neet event to get to see! Thanks for the videos they are great.

Smiles! :o)

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

That is really awsome. Bet the kids loved to see that!