Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dumpling Festival

I am just now getting around to posting about the Dumpling Festival we went to last Friday (Oct 12th). It was so much fun. It was put on by a local Friends of China group. We sat at a table with a couple from Taiwan, a couple Chinese girls studying at the local university in the veterinarian science dept. One of the (the one that wrote our names in the picture) was here for 3-6 months doing "experiments" she said. She was so cute. 26 years old and is working with animal embryos doing some high-tech stuff. She laughed about everything and was so fun to sit by. We had probably 5 different kinds of dumplings, several different chicken and vegetable dishes, a cold tofu and celery salad that was really good (sounds yucky but it was good!), pumpkin seeds that had been boiled in green tea and then baked (yummy!), boiled peanuts, steamed pods that looked like huge peas inside - not sure what they were called but the girl sitting next to us said that they would sit outside and drink beer and eat these in China! funny! We also had steamed buns with roasted shredded pork! All the food was very very yummy!!! I am so glad we went. Just getting to talk to the Asian people sitting at our table was very entertaining and informational! We had a blast!

I have been horrible about posting lately but to tell you the truth, this long wait is getting the best of me! I am at that, can't-hardly-take-it stage of the wait. It is so hard. I know all my Jan/Feb 2006 friends are feeling the same way. It is like we are so close but yet so far away! Seems like it is always 6-8 months away and never gets any closer! It was 6-8 months when we started in October 2005, October 2006 it was 6-8 more months... and here it is October 2007 and we are still being told 6-8 more months! The holidays coming up are giving me fits. I don't know if I can take another set of holidays without our Mia. The only reason I got through last Christmas was because I told myself that would be the last Christmas without her. Now here we sit knowing that isn't going to be a reality. It is just getting increasingly difficult being without her. :(


Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

Hi. Enjoyed seeing you at the Dumpling Festival. It was nice & the food was mostly good! Those things that you wrote about, the ones that looked like big peas inside.....those are Edamame Beans. You can buy them in the frozen section at Wal-Mart. What they are actually are soybeans. They are yummy. Any given day if you check our freezer you will find back stock & in our crisper a bag that we are working on. (We also buy them in bulk at Sam's) You can eat them cold or heat them slightly in the microwave & add a little salt. They are good for you & fun to snack on!

I know what you mean about "the wait" except we are just getting started as you know! With a DTC of 07/19/07 we will be struggling with this wait no doubt a while; probably a LONG while. At least though we have pretty much known from the beginning about the long wait....however, I don't think we knew really just how long. I too haven't been posting on our blog. Just don't feel into it right now. So, I totally understand. Jen P.

Donna L. said...

As someone who's BTDT, my heart goes out to you over this excruciatingly long wait. Hang in there as best you can!

Ron said...

The White Swan had delicious dumplings on their breakfast bar. I recommend them.

bbmomof2boys said...

There is nothing I can say to make the wait any easier on you. We are all struggling with it - it sucks, it stinks, I hate it!!!!! With a late May 06 long in I can't even say we'll see her for Christmas of 2008!!

We are in this wait right beside ya chick! Blog when you want to, if you want to!


Shannon said...

don't won't see me posting any "the wait will be forgotten" yada yada crap... My can't take another minute of the wait phase was followed by a zombie state of numbness. Good and bad. Took a little to shake it off...finally. Hugs to you. The wait bites.

Tamara said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the dunpling festival! I sat by A's colleague who insisted on nagging us about when we were gonna start a family. When I said "we're working on it" she started giving me pregnancy advice and would not stop. I really liked the peanuts though.

I don't have any great advice with the waiting thing. Its hard and uncertain and unfair. You are getting really close now though. Mia is going to be one of the most wanted babies ever.

Jaime said...

I know there are not the words to comfort your heart right now. But I truly believe that amazing things happen to those that wait. I truly believe, as painful as it is now, that one day soon you will be holding the most beautiful blessing in the world.

I wish you peaceful months ahead.

redmaryjanes said...

Hang in there. You have got to be getting close.

Doris & Dan said...

Sounds wonderful!

Hang in ...getting there!

Keep smilin!