Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Feet!

I got a gift certificate to the spa from my employees for Boss' Day and today I took the day off and used it!!!

It was amazing! I had a hot stone massage, sugar and spice scrub, and a hot stone pedicure. Wow! The hot stone massage felt so good! Pretty much put me to sleep! If you have never had one of these I highly recommend it. I have had a swedish massage before but this one was different. The swedish massage was that kind of massage that hurts but it feels good (you know the kind!) but this one was not painful at all! Because she has stones in her hands, she doesn't rub down deep. She just runs the hot stones over your oiled up body. Ahhhhh, relaxation at it's finest! She told me that massage is the one that puts the most people to sleep. I can see why!

The sugar and spice scrub was fun. You lay on this table with tall sides around it to catch the water. She rinses you down and then she massages the scrub all over you (you only have two little hand towels covering up your privates!!! I think they become a little uncovered at some point but I didn't even care! I was in heaven!) and then she rinses you off with warm water while you are laying there. Then you turn over and she does the other side (towel on your butt crack) Feels all silky smooth when she is done! Then this Vichey shower with about 6 rotating shower heads sprays you all off. Feels like raindrops falling all over your body. ahhh.....

Then I had a soothing pedicure to end my time there (3 hours of relaxation!). Don't my toes look marvelous? They are so shiny. The picture really doesn't do them justice!!!

Ya know what I had about spas? Leaving! Seems like you are always so relaxed there and then when you leave their doors you are back to your old life again. I think I am going to open a spa of my own and then I will never have to leave! LOL


amy said...

my mom would call them sweet feet!!! Glad you got the experience

Valeri said...

Oooh, that sounds like pure heaven!!!

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

Sounds like a wonderful realaxing day!! I think I will have to try the hot stone massage. I don't like the ones that hurt so this one sounds nice!!

Smiles! :o)

redmaryjanes said...

Those are definitley some gorgeous toes!! I have had a painful swedish massage, I would love a relaxing hot stone one.

Brandi said...

Oh man! That sounds awesome! I want one!

P.S. Where did you have this done? I may have to check them out! (Or better yet...Christmas is coming. I may have to put that on my wish list :)