Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Day of Ice

No school again today! We are supposed to get more ice today! Holy cow. I might be out of school all week! (darn!) Take a look at our 5-day forecast. At least it is getting somewhat warm during the day and some of the ice will melt. But if it keeps raining and freezing at night, there is no relief in sight I don't think. I just hope this isn't a sign for the winter to come!

I have been watching the Democratic Iowa Brown and Black Presidential Forum today. This presidential race has me baffled. I don't know who the heck to vote for. I don't know whether to vote republican or democrat. (I originally registered in Iowa when I turned 18 as an independent because I don't tend to vote by party, but by candidate! But when we moved to Missouri they no longer ask us to identify with one party.) The polls say Hillary is in the lead in the democratic race. I kind of like Mitt Romney in the republican race, but I will admit I don't know a WHOLE lot about him or the other republican candidates because all you see right now is the democratic race on tv. I like the democratic platforms on education better. We definitely need to revamp No Child Left Behind, which was written by a bunch of idiots and written to set schools up for failure. (don't get me started on NCLB) I would be interested to hear what some of you think about the candidates.

I keep looking at the countdown to the Beijing Olympics on my side bar and wondering if that is also the countdown to our referral... I hope we don't have to wait that long, but at the rate they are going now, who knows!?!?!


redmaryjanes said...

We are getting quite a storm here too. My kids had school though. I don't know who to vote for either. To be honest, I don't feel comfortable with any of them right now.

Ron said...

I am hoping for at least 1 snow day before Christmas. So far nothing here.

Carol said...

We heard about your weather on our local news today! Wow! We are having a heat wave...Maryland here and it's 60 today!! Although we are supposed to get snow on Sunday! Just CRAZY!

Stay warm!!!