Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Movies

I LOVE Christmas Movies!!! I have been looking on Amazon today at all the good ones. (I had a list of all the movies I found that I love but I had to delete the box as it was taking forever to load on my page...)

I love to sit on the couch with a warm blanket sipping hot chocolate when it is snowing and watch Christmas movies!!!! Can't wait to do this with Mia! Hopefully next Christmas we can do that!

Here is a list of my absolute favorites:
Polar Express
A Christmas Carol
Miracle on 34th Street
Home Alone
*Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer/Santa Claus is Coming to Town Classic
Charlie Brown Christmas
Muppet Christmas Carol


Lisa said...

For sure you'll have Mia home next Christmas.

Love the new Christmas look to your blog.

Carol said...

We just watched Home Alone...with the popcorn and the Christmas Lights!! LOVE THAT!!

greg and chris said...

Give me a BREAK!!!!! You won't sit on the couch and watch movies with Mia next year. You'll be too busy watching MIA!!!!! You will be so happy!

Ron said...

My favorite is Badder Santa.