Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 years today

Holy cow. Today is our 2 year LID anniversary.
Hard to believe it has been two years.
Not much has been happening around here. We have both been sick for about 3 weeks now. Just the yuckies. I have been really dizzy for over a week now. I am on my second medication but it isn't working. I think I am going to go see an ENT and see what they say.
I am sooooo ready for winter to be over and spring to be here! I am sick of cold weather! I feel like I can never get warm. Probably because I have been sick. I need a vacation to a warm sunny beach!!!! :)


Alyson & Ford said...

Congratulations on knocking down #24! And here's hoping you get some warmer weather soon!!


Jill W said...

24, wow what a milestone. The end is near--or actually the beginning of a new life with your daughter. Hoping the rest of the wait flies by & spring comes soon. I've had enough! We are in for another 3-4 inches tomorrow!

Donna & Andrew said...

Congrats on such a major milestone. Your almost there. Feel better soon.

Kayce said...

Happy 2! There is a light a the end of the tunnel!

Keep the faith.

3D said...

A milestone...2 years done!

Keep smilin!

Lisa and Tate said...

Happy 2!!! 24 months closer!!!


Mom of 5 said...

Hope you feel better !!
24-that is crazy.....soon !!

Debz said...

Happy 2 year LID Sara and Brian.....getting close!

PIPO said...

Congrats on 2 down! We really ARE getting there :0)