Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reality Explosion!

American Idol

My (Early) Top Favorites:

--Ramiele Malubay
--David Archuleta
--Syesha Mercado
--Robbie Carrico
--Kady Malloy
--David Cook
--Carly Smithson

Big Brother 9
My Favorite Couple:
James and Chelsia

My Least Favorite Couple:
Tie: Sharon/Joshuah, Shiela/Adam

I can't stand Amanda but they are not my least favorite couple. She reminds me a lot of Jen from BB8. Too annoying for me! Natalie talks way too much! Sharon just doesn't belong on the show. The only reason she got in was because she was attached to Jacob for a twist. They should have brought back in a new gay contestant for Joshuah!
James and Chelsia are so cute together and they made out during the Showtime feeds last night then they both passed out from too many bloody mary's! And Chelsia is from Iowa (goes to UNI)! The house has a whole new vibe with Jen and Parker gone!!!!

Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites

My Favorites:


They were on the lst survivor together and I just love both of them!


Valeri said...

I never got into Big Brother or Survivor.

I've always been a HUGE American Idol fan, however. I think Ramiele is awesome! I loved her version of that Dusty Springfield song this week. She was definitely the best female in my opinion. I think the guys are stronger right now. Michael Johns is my favorite of the guys. I think David such a cutie pie. My girls at school swoon over him. Ron's favorites are Robbie and David Cook. I like them, too. Robbie reminds me of Bret Michaels.

Ron said...

Go Amanda!