Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's happening in my neighborhood?

So... I live next to a small river that likes to spill its guts into the field next to it when we get a lot of rain. When this happens I joke that we finally have the lake house we've always wanted! Well, as some of you may have heard, Missouri got a rediculous amount of rain the last couple days. Over a foot of rain in 2 days in some parts. We probably got about 6 inches I would say. Anyway, the river is flooded into the field. When I came home from work yesterday there were cops and fire trucks everywhere. Looked like a major catastrophe had happened! Like someone drowned or something! no. what happened was a water main broke somewhere under the bridge which is surrounded by flooded waters underneath so they can't get to it. so what they did was hook up a 5-inch super long fire hose from a fire hydrant on one water district on one side of the bridge to a fire hydrant on the broken water district which happens to be at the end of my street. they took the fire hose over and under the bridge and through the ditches to stretch between both fire hydrants until they can fix the break in the line. it was pretty amazing to watch.
Here is a video from the local news. You can see our house in the background.. it is an orange colored brick house behind the white shed (our grouchy neighbor's) when they are showing them cleaning out the hose into our ditches. When the guy with the bright yellow vest and gray beard talks you can see our grouchy neighbor in a red ball cap walk behind him! *tee-hee* Luckily we are on a well or we would have been out of water!!!

If you can't get it to work, click here.


AdoptFosterMom said...

I loved getting to see your grouchy neighbor on tv, he looked so grouchy :) He must have been so upset with all the ruckis going on. By the way Keira loved her easter card, she hopped all around the front room with him

Mom of 5 said...

Oh my !!