Monday, April 07, 2008

January 9, 2006

I guess it is official. They have gotten through January 9th. 5 whole days. wow. ok.... taking it all in....

No word yet on the review room that I know of. November has been in there a really long time!

Check out the babies!

(LID 1/5/06) Lookin for #4
(LID 1/5/06) Eyler Adoption
(LID 1/5/06) Journey to Adopt Grace
(LID 1/6/06) Journey of Love to China
(LID 1/6/06) Journey to Molly
(LID 1/6/06) China Baby 2 Be
Our Journey to Adopt Grace
My Answered Prayers
Zoe Chronicles
Journey to Adopt Lucy
Jade Carroll

Special Needs Adoption Announcements:

Chloe Brown
Andy and Susan
Parenting Cubed
Our Journey to Macey
Our Journey to Michael


amy said...

Cant wait to see the new babies!

Debz said...

Pretty cute aren"t they!