Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bunches of Monkeys

I work with a bunch of monkeys. I guess I have always known that but sometimes you get so carried away with your day-to-day activities and the stress of your workload that you fail to stand back, take a look and smile.

I have a reserved parking spot at work. (yes - I am that special!). Mostly because I have to leave for meetings some times and every time I would come back there would be no place to park. And because my contracted time to get to work is 15 minutes after everyone else! So all the spots are always gone (ok - enough justification and on with the story). Some times people think they are more special than me (or they are pissed off because my spot is empty and there is no place to park, not sure which) and they decide to park in my space! Sometimes (like 2 days ago) the people on either side of me leave me barely enough room for my little compact car to squeeze into my space! I wasn't going to park there the other day because there was almost no room but I thought, "This is my freaking space! If that person can't get into their car because mine is too close to theirs, so be it!" and I squeezed my car in. Later in the day I was complaining about people parking like idiots to a co-worker and she told me who it was. A teacher I joke with a lot at work! So I teased her later about how much room she left me. Really I think it was the person to the other side who decided to make my space into two spaces!!!

Anyway, today I am driving to work and I get ready to pull into the drive and I notice there is an orange sign on my "reserved parking" sign. "What the heck is that?" I say to myself. Then I notice there are also big orange cones around my spot! WHAT?!?! As I pull into my spot I read the sign "Reserved Parking for Mrs. Lane. Leave LOTS of space!!!"

Silly Monkeys!

One of the two pranksters told me they were going to put "wide load" on the sign. that wouldn't have been so funny! ;-)


Brandi said...

That is so funny!!!!

I get aggravated when people can't park within the yellow lines, too! You're not the only one! :)

Ron said...

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

It't the little things that make us smile and laugh.
Laughter is the best medicine!!
the pranksters

JNHK said...

Those are my illustrations that you posted. Can you please include a link on the image to my Etsy
or Flickr